A surprising percentage of adults suffer from some degree of early-stage hearing loss. Consider the following data points from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services:

  • Approximately 15% of American adults (37.5 million) aged 18 and over report some trouble hearing.
  • Among adults aged 70 and older with hearing loss who could benefit from hearing aids, fewer than one in three (30 percent) has ever used them. Similarly, even fewer adults aged 20 to 69 (approximately 16 percent) who could benefit from wearing hearing aids have ever used them.

For many individuals suffering from mild hearing loss, hearing conversations in noisy restaurants and social settings is a frustrating experience. Australian Financial Review columnist John Davidson coined the perfect phrase, “pub deafness,” to describe this phenomenon. In his 2017 article, he wrote:

“If you’re “pub deaf” like me, if you know what it means to sit there smiling serenely at people who are talking to you when you have no idea what they are talking about, the IQbuds could well be the most exciting gadget to come out in 2017.”

Signs that You May be “Pub Deaf”

A large number of adults suffering from mild hearing loss may not realize, or at least willingly accept, the struggles with loud conversations. The stigma and cost of traditional hearing aids change how view a simple trip out for a meal.

Do any of the following sound familiar? If so, you’re probably among a significant percentage of the population with untreated hearing loss:

  • Discomfort at restaurants with hard floors or high ceilings due to the echo effect on surrounding noises.
  • A preference for booths or tables backed up against walls where walls or seat cushions can dampen ambient sounds.
  • Irritation when sitting near kitchens and the higher volume levels of those areas.

Senior reporter Ann Brenoff of the Huffington Post described the very real challenges faced by her husband with mild hearing loss:

“We now pick restaurants based on their noise level over the quality or type food they serve. If the ceilings are too high or the walls too inadequately covered, the sounds of dishes and glasses clanking, music playing and people laughing will make it impossible for him to hear or participate in conversation at our table.”

Control Noise and Enhance Conversation

If thousands of dollars for traditional hearing aids or forever yelling in restaurants sound like bad options, it’s understandable. Thankfully, IQbuds™ offer innovative new hearing augmentation technology to enhance conversation in social settings, in a more accessible way.

  • IQbuds not only amplify speech, they offer 5 distinct personal profile settings to boost specific frequencies of sound:
    • 1 = no boost
    • 2 = low pitch boost
    • 3 = very mild high pitch boost
    • 4 = mild high boost
    • 5 = moderate high pitch boost
  • A combination of both attenuation (passive) and our Super Intelligent Noise Control (SINCTM) technology reduces unwanted noise frequencies in restaurants
  • Pre-configured hearing environment modes (i.e. “restaurant,” “street,” “office,” etc.) can be further customized by the user through the “Real World Volume,” “SINC,” and “World EQ” controls via the IQbuds app.

iqbuds in restaurant mode for better hearing

IQbuds™ BOOST: Amplify Speech & Enable Directional Hearing

IQbuds™ BOOST with Ear ID™ are innovative hearing buds that learn and automatically adapt to your unique hearing profile. First, self-administer a 10-minute hearing test through the Ear ID application on your phone. BOOST will then auto-calibrate your earbuds and transform the way you hear and connect to your world.

The new Focus feature, introduced in July of 2018, uses directional hearing technology to isolate and enhance sounds directly in front of you. Focus lets IQbuds BOOST users enjoy enhanced conversation clarity in noisy environments.

A New Era of Assisted Listening Devices

In the United States, the Over-the-Counter (OTC) Hearing Aid Act of 2017 awaits implementation. Consequently, an increasing segment of the global population with untreated mild-to-moderate hearing loss will soon enjoy more affordable access.

Boosting hearing in noisy settings no longer requires huge investment, shouting, or avoiding noisy places entirely. While not a replacement for a hearing aid tuned by an audiologist, Nuheara’s products offer better hearing at restaurants.  As a result, there’s a long-awaited alternative solution for the “pub deaf.”

IQbuds Boost Assessed by Independent Audiologist

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