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A “Must Have Accessory for Travel”IQBuds™ were recently named as one of 25 must-have smartphone accessories for travel by Qantas Airways . Read the full article here (IQbuds are listed on slide #18).

“These small, versatile Nuheara wireless earbuds not only stream music from your smartphone, they can fade out or turn up environmental noise, whether you have music on or not. The batteries provide 16 hours of non-stop Bluetooth streaming.”

Air travel can be stressful. Loud airports, high in-cabin noise levels, and busy people bustling all around make for a taxing experience.

Noises levels in the aircraft itself, according to Smithsonian Magazine, “can range from 75 to 85 decibels, depending on where you’re seated.” Many travelers resort to using over-the-ear, noise-blocking headphones, or cranking up the volume of a traditional pair of earbuds during flights.

Both options have drawbacks. Let’s start with noise-blocking headphones.

While many headphones will effectively block out ambient aircraft cabin noise, they also create a totally isolating experience. Speaking with a flight attendant or passengers seated nearby is impossible without removing the headphones and disconnecting from your digital world.

Furthermore, many individuals struggle to engage in conversation on flights due to the loud air cabin noise levels. Noise-cancelling headphones do nothing to help those with difficulty hearing speech on planes.

Using traditional earbuds during air travel provides even less benefit.

Listening to music or other digital audio at loud volumes effectively masks the aircraft cabin noise, but simultaneously increases decibel levels, compounding potential hearing loss risks. Similarly, conversation requires removal of the in-ear buds, and wearing them does nothing to enhance conversation either.

Take Control of Your Audio World with IQbuds™

settings for plane when flying with IQbuds earbudsIQbuds™ are the world’s most intelligent truly wireless earbuds. You decide which sounds you want to reduce, eliminate or focus in on and amplify to transform your traveling experience. Not only can you listen to great audio and make wireless phone calls with one touch, IQbuds™ SINC™ (Super Intelligent Noise Control) gives you the ability to determine how you hear the world around you.

Among the intelligent hearing features of IQbuds™ are several pre-configured location profiles. “Plane” is one such profile specifically designed for flying, as it reduces aircraft and engine noise. Users of IQbuds have the ability to further fine-tune their auditory settings for the “plane” location in several ways via a connected smartphone app.

1) Control the volume level of the physical world around you from -10 (less world) to +10 (more world)
2) Balance between ambient world noise and speech with SINC™ to amplify voices and suppress other sounds as needed
3) Equalize the levels of bass and treble in sounds coming from your physical world

Best of Class Battery Life Enhances Your Flying Experience

earbuds for flyingMost other truly wireless earbuds have battery life limitations. With IQbuds™, you get up to 20 hrs on-the-go bluetooth streaming and 40 hrs on-the-go hearing processing. Imagine you’re flying from San Francisco to New York. You pop your IQbuds™ into your ears at SFO and leave them in the whole flight, only having to remove them to recharge for just 15 minutes to enjoy your bluetooth audio streams from beginning to the end of the flight.

Navigating your way through the audio world while traveling  is made easy with smart tap touch controls that allow you to play/pause music, take phone calls and toggle between your favorite location settings without touching your phone. No more taking off you headset, or blasting your sound to overcome the noise of the airport. With IQbuds™, you just leave them in your ears and control how you hear the world around you.

Because IQbuds™ allow you to reduce the audio overload of your traveling experience, you’ll arrive at your final destination more relaxed and ready to go. IQbuds™ are the perfect companion for the traveling road warrior.

How do I connect to in-flight entertainment with IQbuds or BOOST?
We don’t have an official recommendation, however some of our engineers have successfully used the following two dongles on aircraft:

  • Rambotech BTT028
  • Regis BTRV0046

The Bluetooth Dongle must be Bluetooth 4.0 and above, A2DP and MUST have a transmitter.

3 replies
  1. Colin
    Colin says:

    My noise cancelling headphones can be plugged in and greatly improve the clarity of in-flight audio & movies. How can Nuheara earbuds allow me to hear inflight entertainment?

    • Nuheara Support
      Nuheara Support says:

      There are a handful of 3rd party products designed for connecting airplane audio to a Bluetooth transmitter, which could likely be used to enable a connection to your IQbuds. We will test some solutions and submit our findings here or on a follow up blog post soon. Great question and thanks for inquiring.

    • Ralf Kleinschmidt
      Ralf Kleinschmidt says:

      I bought the Wireless 2-in-1 Adapter TT-BA08 from Taotronics exactly for that purpose. Pairing was easy. Make sure the adapter is charged up and in transmit (TX) mode. You may also want to get a 2 prong airplane audio adapter as on some planes that is your only option for in-flight audio and movies.


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