For many students across the Northern hemisphere, the care-free days of summer are ending soon. The majority of schools and universities resume class over the next several weeks and students and their parents are hurriedly preparing for back to school.

Summer’s end brings disappointment to many. However, a wealth of exciting new back-to-school gadgets is set to brighten spirits. Among the many products generating buzz in 2017 are IQbudsTM, a surefire way to head back to school in style.

IQbudsTM offer a totally wireless experience, complete with Bluetooth technology, high fidelity sound, and stylish design for listening to music, or making phone calls. But it’s the hearing processing technology of IQbudsTM that make them simply the best earbuds for school or university-aged students.

IQbuds: Smarter than Average Headphones or Earbuds for School

back to school earbudsIn the past, few students or parents would prioritize buying a new pair of headphones for school or for heading back to college. Traditional over-the-ear headphones disconnect the wearer from the surrounding world entirely. Creating such a barrier is less than ideal for many activities associated with school.

IQbudsTM by contrast, offer features such as speech amplification and intelligent noise control, enabling students to customize the blend of their digital and physical environments. Consider the application of such technology in the following situations:

    • Listening to teachers in classrooms or professors in lecture halls. IQbudsTM amplify the voice of teachers, and minimize surrounding noises both inside and outside a classroom or lecture hall. This eliminates many distractions and help students better focus on their instructors. To this end, Nuheara is actively partnering with universities to study the effectiveness of its noise-filtering IQbudsTM in assisting children on the Autism spectrum or with auditory processing difficulties.
    • Socializing with friends and classmates on campus. Listening to music is great. But not hearing your friends calling your name from across the quad? Not so great. IQbudsTM let students blend their digital and audio worlds so that they can listen to music or podcasts while still engaging with the world around them.
    • Walking or cycling to and from school. With Bluetooth-enabled, truly wireless  IQbudsTM students can easily listen to music or make phone calls. Many partake in these activities while simultaneously walking or riding a bike to school or between classes. To ensure awareness of traffic and other hazards, simply adjust the “real world volume” on your IQbudsTM. Adjust the volume up or down to balance digital streams and outside noise at a safe level.

What They’re Saying About IQbudsTM and Getting Back to School

NBC News
From Earbuds to E-Hoodies, Your Student Is Going to Need a Lot of Tech

“Distraction is a huge part of college life, so if you want your kid to be able to study, noise-cancelling headphones are a must. Nuheara’s wireless and cord-free IQbuds earbuds not only let you selectively tune out what’s going on around you, but can also amplify what you want to hear. Using the iOS or Android app, you adjust the mix to drown out your roommate’s music or tune the sound so you can hear the professor even when you’re sitting in the back of the lecture hall.”

Good Morning San Diego – KUSI TV with Bruce Pechman
Cool Tools for Back to School
Click here for full video from segment – IQbuds coverage begins at 4:55 mark

“The thing that’s different about IQbudsTM from Nuheara, is it has something called SINC, which stands for super-intelligent noise cancellation technology. So you have different types of environments, so if you’re in the gym, you want to be able to hear some of the ambient sounds around you. Or if you’re riding a bike, or if you’re in an office, (IQbudsTM do that) autonomously through the app”

news clip on earbuds for school on Good Morning San Diego

The Huffington Post
Back to School Technology Roundup…

“There are more tech solutions available for easily distracted students than ever before. IQbudsTM is one of them. These sync to both iOS and Android smartphones to seamlessly stream music and allow users to selectively tune out the world around them, serving as an ideal “study buddy.” Students can also switch the setting to the classroom and adjust the IQbuds to provide Advanced Speech Amplification, giving them the ability to amplify the voice of the teacher while minimizing surrounding classroom noises for optimal situational awareness.”

Students of all ages heading back to class in the coming weeks. While getting yourself ready, remember that IQbudsTM are simply the best earbuds for school.

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