Why Are IQbuds Unique?

More than a Bluetooth headphone or a hearing aid…a hearing bud.


IQbuds bridge the gap between bluetooth
headphones and hearing aids.

A personalized hearing bud that allows you to
hear better in all kinds of situations.

We’ve taken smart, app driven bluetooth convenience and combined it with state of the art hearing tech.

Allowing you to hear conversations in noisy environments better, enhance your TV watching experience and control how you hear your world.

Take a hearing check

Ear IDTM – Transform Your Hearing in 3 Easy Steps.

From the comfort of your home and in less than 10 minutes, Ear ID allows you to assess your own hearing and then automatically calibrates the earbuds to your own personal hearing profile.


Check your hearing profile.


Calibrate IQbuds to your hearing profile.


Hear your world better!

Hear Conversations

Just like you should.

Hear Conversations in Noisy Environments Better
Hear TV Better
Hear Your World Better

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Focus on the sounds you want to hear

We guarantee that you will hear better within minutes. If you’re not happy, simply return the product to Nuheara for a refund within 30 days.