On September 7th, Australia and New Zealand will celebrate Father’s Day. Dads serve many roles for which their children might wish to give them thanks: teacher, coach, counselor, judge, financial advisor… this list goes on and on.

And of course a father’s work is never truly done. As educator Reed Markham once said:

“Being a great father is like shaving. No matter how good you shaved today, you have to do it again tomorrow.”

Much More Exciting than Another Tie

As we pay tribute to all those who have earned the prestigious title of “Dad,” consider a gift that Dad will enjoy far more than another coffee mug or tie. Consider IQbuds or IQbuds BOOST, wireless earbuds with the capacity to put a smile on the faces of dads young and old around the world.

Fathers of young children often face a chaotic day-to-day routine. Staring down sleepless nights, diaper changes, and toddler tantrums, IQbuds offer Dads relief while still remaining connected. As Alex Hernandez of Techaeris wrote about his experience with IQbuds and augmented hearing around the house, they’re “Great for when I needed to work and be Mr. Mom keeping an ear on the kids.

Bring Forgotten Sounds Back to Life

More mature Dads enjoy the wisdom that comes with age. However, with age comes actual aging too. For a large segment of the population, aging involves hearing loss, often untreated and not properly diagnosed by those in the mild stages. According to the Better Hearing Institute, “1 in 6 individuals ages 41-59 have some kind of hearing loss.”

IQbuds BOOST represent a great gift option for the Dad who might be struggling to pick up sounds or conversations in certain situations, but doesn’t yet need a full-time hearing aid.

Using the original IQbuds design, BOOST adds on Ear IDTM, a clinically backed audiometric hearing assessment. The result is a personalized hearing bud that enhances certain frequencies where the user is deficient.

Results may vary, IQbuds BOOST are not a hearing aid, and Nuheara encourages any individual concerned with their hearing health to consult an audiologist. Nonetheless, many customers have expressed amazement at the variety of forgotten sounds that have come back to life with IQbuds BOOST.

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