IQbuds² MAX hearing buds
with EAR ID™ may provide
some benefit for those
experiencing Tinnitus

IQbuds² MAX hearing buds with EAR ID™ may provide some benefit for those experiencing Tinnitus

Calm the Symptoms of Tinnitus

Nuheara helps those experiencing tinnitus by providing education / resources along with sharing user experiences who have had some reported relief using IQbuds2 MAX.

Tinnitus is a personal experience that involves a phantom sound in your head that is annoying, anxiety causing and sometimes so unbearable that some people become debilitated. It is experienced by close to 15% of the population and there is no cure. It can be a symptom of other medical conditions and Nuheara recommends you see a physician who specializes in the diseases of the ear for a full diagnosis for a complete medical clearance before you seek self-care.

Tinnitus Resources

Positive customer experiences.

40% of IQbuds2 MAX 5-star customer reviews

Indicate tinnitus as a perceived hearing condition


I am Buying Another Set Today

These IQbuds have changed my life. No word of a lie I am buying more today. My husband suffers with severe tinnitus and has for 12 years. Over the years it has got to unbearable stage. Once we got these buds calibrated to his hearing, his tinnitus went from a loudness of 9 to 2-3. We no longer have the TV blaring, and when we go out to eat in a busy restaurant he can hear every conversation. Interestingly, sometimes when we sit in a quiet place he can for the first time only hear silence which is the first time in years. They are way better than hearing aids which he stopped using because they no longer helped. Don’t hesitate. These buds are all that you need and so much more.

Great sound and hearing support

I am afflicted with tinnitus and use high-end hearing aids (Signia) that cost 15 times the price of these IQbuds2 MAX. These new buds give the hearing aids a run for their money on hearing support and have a huge bonus as buds with ANC for music and telephony, with the fidelity for music over bluetooth being very good. The ANC is excellent. It’s hard to provide a full comparison as my hearing aids are open backed providing most of the sound as ambient rather than amplified, but the high frequency boost from the personalization app seems to match what my audiologist programmed into my Signias. My only criticism is that the bass response is a bit overblown, particularly with ANC engaged.
Matthew Z.

So much better than I expected!

The “peace and quiet” I get with these is awesome. I have been experimenting with the different modes to see how they work, and I am very impressed overall. The IQbuds2 MAX definitely help with my Tinnitus mitigation as well. On a whim, I decided to listen to some music and am blown away about the spectacular sound these things replicate – akin to some high-end headphones that I have. What an added bonus! I have an auditory processing disorder, and these help me speak at the correct volume, as well as allow me to hear people over things like fans and other background noise. So now my wife no longer thinks I am yelling at her when the oven fan is on!
Adam K.

Alleviate Tinnitus Symptoms

I am lucky to not have any loss of hearing, but this means treatment here in the UK on the NHS is limited. Tinnitus relievers are usually only provided if you have a loss of hearing. I did some research and found the IQbuds and try to wear them as long as possible and I have noticed that my tinnitus is less noticeable. I think because I have near perfect hearing, I hear a slit hiss when in “World Mode”, like white noise and this alone helps. Then there are apps you can add from the Apple App Store to better the experience. I love them.
James L.

Tinnitus Relief

I have hearing tests done and everything is fine, but I was trying to find a solution to help with a bad tinnitus condition. I tested hearing aids but for the very expensive price tag, they didn’t seem worth the money. After doing more research I luckily came across Nuheara! They do exactly the same as what the hearing aids offered me for a fraction of the price. I can change settings to help reduce tinnitus levels and to be able to focus on conversations in busy environments. And with the bonus of being able to play music and video sounds through them and take phone calls. A win win!
Daniel B.

Sound Therapy & More for Tinnitus Relief

There is no cure for tinnitus, but relief may be achieved by stimulating the inner ear with sounds that either masks the tinnitus or provide distraction from the tinnitus.. There are many apps and sound relief therapies available for purchase. Some people find having music or other sounds streaming through their day on devices like IQbuds² MAX, with active noise cancellation provides comfort from bothersome sounds in their environment while streaming masking sounds or music throughout the day.

For mild tinnitus to moderate tinnitus, associated with a hearing loss, a person could wear a hearing enhancement device, like the Nuheara IQbuds2 MAX with Ear ID™ hearing personalization, or hearing aid with a tinnitus sound generator or masker.

wearing earbuds for tinnitus relief

Do you experience tinnitus?

If you experience tinnitus Nuheara recommends you see a medical professional first before trying any self-care routine for tinnitus to rule out any other medical condition.


Meet Mark

Mark lives in Bunbury Western Australia. His eardrum was damaged in his 30s he has been dealing with Tinnitus and mild hearing loss since then. He loved that IQbuds² MAX so much he also bought a pair for his father who loves them.

Meet Mark

Mark is a VET and lives in Houston. He has severe Tinnitus that would cause extreme migraines, to the point of not being able to function. He absolutely loves the IQbuds² MAX really for relief of Tinnitus.

Meet Brandon

Brandon is a Funeral Director who lives in Oklahoma. He has perceived hearing loss and Tinnitus. He uses like IQbuds² MAX to focus at work and in his person life.

Meet Mike

Mike is an army veteran and lives in California. Has noise induced mild hearing loss and Tinnitus from time spent in combat. He uses IQbuds² MAX for exercise and focus in meditation.

Meet Venero

Venero is a writer and lives in Queensland, Australia. He has mild hearing loss and Tinnitus and uses IQbuds² MAX for exercise and concentration.

Meet Clive

Clive is a renowned voice recognition technology pioneer who lives in the UK. He has mild hearing loss and Tinnitus and he finds that IQbuds² MAX really improve his quality of life.

Meet iLan

iLan is an architect who lives in New Zealand. Has mild hearing loss and Tinnitus due to son shreaking in his ear. He felt his audible world shifted when he started using IQbuds² MAX.


Ana lives in New York and has been dealing with hearing challenges related to Meniere’s Disease and Tinnitus for a long time. She uses IQbuds2 MAX to help with her life and her gaming.

Meet Leighton

Leighton is a documentary-maker who lives in Australia. He has hearing loss and Tinnitus and uses IQbuds² MAX for sound design, music and to focus at work.