It is now possible, by using a 3rd-party transmitting device, to listen to your TV’s audio output through your IQbuds BOOST™. This guide describes how to connect an Avantree™ Oasis audio transmitter with your earbuds.

  1. The first step is to connect your transmitting device to your TV’s audio outputs. The Avantree Oasis unit comes with an optical cable and an auxiliary audio cable. Note the following about the cable you choose to connect with:
    • The auxiliary audio cable is the connection option recommended by Nuheara at this time. Using the AUX cable, volume is controlled using the “+” and “-” buttons on the Avantree unit itself. Volume can also be controlled using the IQbuds themselves, via the tap touch controls (requires firmware updates and customization of tap touch controls to enable volume control).
  2. Connect the Avantree device to a power source via the USB cable. If your TV does not have a suitable USB input, connect the cable to an electrical outlet using a USB Wall Adapter (sold separately).
  3. Once your Avantree transmitting device is connected to power and your TV’s audio outputs, locate the TX/RX switch and select (Transmitter) TX.
  4. Next, locate the Power/Mode switch and ensure Bluetooth is selected.
  5. Ensure you have selected the correct AUX/Optical setting, depending on the type of cable you are using – a 3.5mm audio cable (AUX – recommended) or an Optical cable (OPT). Tap the switch button shown below at “2” to select.
  6. If you are using the AUX setting volume is controlled using the volume buttons shown above at “3“. Ensure this is set to a low volume to start.
  7. Now the transmitting device can be paired with your IQbuds BOOSTTM. Ensure they are charged, and fit them in your ears as normal.
  8. Tune your TV to a program with audio and remain close to the transmitting device.
  9. Hold your finger on the Bluetooth button, shown at “1” above, for 3 seconds. The device’s announcer will say ‘pairing mode’ and the status indicators will flash green.
  10. While the transmitter is in pairing mode, place your fingers on the left and right tap touch sensors of your IQbuds BOOSTTM earbuds at the same time. Hold for a few seconds and release. The announcer will say ‘pairing’ when entering pairing mode.
  11. Hold until you can hear the TV audio through your IQbudsTM. You can now use some of the tap touch features of your IQbuds (depending on your custom tap touch set-up), such as World On/Off, Volume Control and Locations.
  12. When connected, the display will look like this:
  13. If you wish to turn off the audio prompts coming from your Avantree Unit, hold down the button with the 2 arrows (labeled as “2” in the image after section 5 above) for “7 seconds to turn the voice commands on/off.

Now simply kick back and enjoy your ability to hear TV better!

Note: As you can only pair with one device at a time, while you are paired with the transmitter, you can’t use the IQbudsTM app with your smartphone. If you need to use the app:

  • Access the Bluetooth settings on your phone and disconnect the transmitting device
  • Pair with the IQbudsTM app as normal
  • When you want to connect again to the transmitting device, disconnect from the app and follow from Step 7 above

For additional support, register your IQbuds BOOSTTM and use the app to contact technical support. Or visit for additional help documents, explainer videos and FAQs.

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