In the initial weeks following the first shipments of IQbuds BOOST to customers, the reception has been outstanding. Stories from customers around the world mark another milestone in Nuheara’s original mission: to develop a hearing device company that improves people’s lives. Below are samples of verified customer reviews, media coverage, and social networking posts  and videos related to IQbuds BOOST.

Customer Reviews

The following reviews are from verified customers who purchased IQbuds BOOSTTM through Nuheara’s online store. To read all of the latest customer reviews of IQbuds BOOSTTM or to submit your own, click here.

“Lost hearing in high end of range, had a perforated drum. Have had this problem for over 10 years. Amazing difference. It’s a really big deal. LOVE BOOST!”– Andrew N.

“I’ve been using it for a week I love the excellent connection, excellent sound, excellent fit. Easy to use, very intelligent device. It’s really worth it. I cannot give up on it – it’s now a part of my life.” – Adil B.

“Remarkable and brilliant. A truly excellent piece of hardware – easy to set up and a joy to use. Pairing is excellent and simple and sound quality is brilliant. Made a real difference to my commute and ability to hear in crowded places. Well done Nuheara, impressively made and excellently executed… – Bob in London

IQbuds BOOST did their magic and hey presto I was hearing things that I have never noticed before, like my footsteps on the floor. I went back to the TV and immediately turned down the volume by 25% (Neighbours will be pleased!). I am simply blown away.” – Martin

Have no regrets buying the iqbuds. It’s the first one of a kind earbuds that has augmented hearing without compromising on sound quality. In fact like my iqbuds so much that I pre-ordered a pair of IQbuds Boost when it pre-launched for my sis. The Boost is another first in the earbuds category-its the first and only earbuds offering ear-in technology . Kudos to Nuheara for coming up with such great products . The after sales service is superb too. The customer service is quick to offer a replacement when my iqbuds ran into a bit of problem.. The replacement buds were sent out fast too. Good work Nuheara. You are the best – Cheryl O., Singapore

My husband was one of the first to buy your buds when they came out and when he learned about the IQbuds (BOOST) he encouraged me to try them. I just got them and have already benefitted from their use! I have Meniere’s Syndrome so the hearing in my right ear is damaged. Additionally, loud noise can still bring on a vertigo attack. The IQbuds’ syncing capability intelligently personalized the buds for both ears. Now I’m able to control the amount and the quality of sound in my environment. I can walk along the street comfortably where loud trucks and other vehicles were problematic and also manipulate the sound in a loud room or restaurant so that I can hear myself as well as those around me. Thanks for such an innovative product! – Karen C., USA

*The above reviews represent the experience of actual customers in their own words. Your own results may vary based on on your individual hearing profile.

Technology Professionals

The early reviews of IQbuds BOOST from technology and hearing health professionals has been very positive. Below is a sampling of the feedback as product review experts put BOOST to the test:

“Nuheara’s IQBuds Boost are the total package. The Boost is an update to the original IQbuds, which were instrumental in my conversion to the wireless life. They’re the absolute best wireless earphones for workouts even though they weren’t even designed for the gym — but that’s largely because, in my opinion, they’re the top choice no matter where you are.” – Brett Williams, Men’s Health

“I put them into restaurant mode and I could look at a person who was talking and hear every word. When I took them out, all I heard was noise.” – Lloyd Alter, Mother Nature Network

In Late April, 7 News captured reactions from a first time user of IQbuds BOOST. Watch the video below as Kevin from Sydney states, “I can actually hear what people are saying and I feel less isolated in conversations.

Spreading the Word on Social

Lastly, the feedback on social media channels has been fabulous, as everyday consumers, as well as tech and health professionals alike have shared their enthusiasm.

Another one of our customers, Terry from Canada, published this amazing first-hand account of his experience with IQbuds Boost on YouTube. Check out the impact it’s already had on his quality of life.

Ready to try out your own personal hearing bud? Buy from our online store and try IQbuds BOOST with the protection of a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product performance.

*IQbuds™ BOOST is not a hearing aid and should not be used to replace a hearing aid. If you have a hearing issue Nuheara recommends you see a certified Audiologist or hearing health expert.

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