Often we are asked by prospective customers and members of the media, “How is Nuheara different from other wireless earbud manufacturers?” It’s a fair question considering the massive growth happening in the hearable technology space at the moment.

To answer that question, here are ten reasons why Nuheara is a cut above any other wireless earbud manufacturers when it comes to technology, industry experience, prototype testing, fundraising, transparency, and more:

  1. Driven by Improving the Human Condition – The  mission at Nuheara is to apply cutting edge hearing and audio technology to improve the human condition and quality of life for its customers.
  2. First to introduce the concept of Intelligent Hearing in a Wireless Earbud – Nuheara IQbuds™ were the first to introduce the concept of intelligent hearing in two truly wireless earbuds. IQbuds™ were the first hearable to combine intelligent hearing technology with Bluetooth capability to enable consumers to augment their hearing and connect to their digital devices and blend those two worlds.
  3. Grounded in Science: Partnership with leading Australian Research Institute – Nuheara has a research and development partnership with one of Australia’s leading audio digital signal processing research institutes – Curtin University. Curtin is charged with applying cutting edge science to future innovative technology applications for Nuheara products.
  4. Deep Domain Expertise: Nuheara’s founding team have over 100 years of combined experience – The founding team at Nuheara has over 100 years of combined experience in commercializing sophisticated audio and hearing technology products. The team of experienced audio and digital signal processing technologists and hearing commercialization executives have been responsible for bringing to market multiple products in this space over the last decade.
  5. 2nd time around for Founders and Top Management – The core executive team and founders have all successfully worked together before in a previous hearing technology company. The understand how to work as a team.
  6. Publicly Listed on the Australian Stock Exchange – Nuheara is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange which brings with it stringent financial disclosure regulations and filing processes.
  7. Partnership with a Global Leading Contract Manufacturer – Nuheara has a manufacturing partnership with one of the worlds leading contract manufacturers – Flextronics. This enables Nuheara to scale its manufacturing capabilities in a rapid and disciplined manner when required.
  8. Founders Personally Tested Prototypes with over 1,000 consumers – Nuheara is a consumer driven technology company that cares about applying consumer feedback to the development of its products. The founders have personally demonstrated IQbuds™ prototypes to over 1,000 consumers across the globe to learn and test how to apply technology to meet consumer needs.
  9. Raised Over A$1m on Indiegogo – Nuheara’s IQbuds™ Indiegogo campaign raised more than A$1M over a 60 day period. The campaign was one of the leading crowdfunding campaigns executed by an Australian technology company and is in the top 5% of Indiegogo campaigns for 2016.
  10. Do Your Best and Work with the Best – Nuheara’s culture is defined by an overarching belief that its team does their best in everything they do in the business. This extends to the Nuheara’s partners who are best of breed companies that share Nuheara’s commitment to deliver the very best product experience to its customers.

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