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A “Must Have Accessory for Travel” – IQbuds were named as one of 25 must-have smartphone accessories for travel by Qantas Airways . Read the full article here (IQbuds are listed on slide #18).

“These small, versatile Nuheara wireless earbuds not only stream music from your smartphone, they can fade out or turn up environmental noise, whether you have music on or not. The batteries provide 16 hours of non-stop Bluetooth streaming.”

Air travel can be stressful. Loud airports, high in-cabin noise levels, and busy people bustling all around make for a taxing experience.

Noises levels in the aircraft itself, according to Smithsonian Magazine, “can range from 75 to 85 decibels, depending on where you’re seated.” Many travelers resort to using over-the-ear, noise-blocking headphones, or cranking up the volume of a traditional pair of earbuds during flights.

Both options have drawbacks. Let’s start with noise-blocking headphones. While many headphones will effectively block out ambient aircraft cabin noise, they also create a totally isolating experience. Conversation is impossible without removing the headphones and disconnecting from your digital world.

Furthermore, many individuals struggle to engage in conversation on flights due to the loud air cabin noise levels. Noise-cancelling headphones do nothing to help those with difficulty hearing speech on planes.

Using traditional earbuds for airplane travel provides even less benefit. Listening to music or other digital audio at loud volumes effectively masks the aircraft cabin noise, but simultaneously increases decibel levels, compounding potential hearing loss risks. Similarly, conversation requires removal of the in-ear buds, and wearing them does nothing to enhance conversation either.

Augmented Hearing to Enhance Your Air Travel Experience

IQbuds2 MAX are the world’s most intelligent truly wireless earbuds. Using augmented hearing technology, users can suppress the loud, droning background noise from the engines and wind resistance on an airplane.

This is achieved by using the preset location profiles that come with Nuheara earbuds, one of several intelligent hearing features. Use “Plane” mode when flying in order to reduce aircraft noise and jet engine sounds. Additionally, these earbuds enhance speech and enable easier conversations with flight attendants or travel companions.

Additional fine-tuning available for one’s audio experience during air travel with IQbuds2 MAX includes:

  • Turn up, down, or off, the volume of the outside, physical world picked up by the external microphones on your earbuds
  • Focus your hearing on sound or speech coming from directly in front of you while minimizing audio from the sides or behind you
  • Balance between the levels of background noise versus speech using the SINC (super intelligent noise control) wheel
  • Balance bass versus treble in the audio from the outside, physical world picked up by the external microphones on your earbuds
  • Enjoy noise-cancelling bliss at the tap of the ear with active noise cancellation+ technology

Best-in-Class Battery

earbuds for flyingMost other truly wireless earbuds have battery life limitations. Alternatively, Nuheara’s earbuds for airplane travel get up to 20 hours on-the-go Bluetooth streaming or 32 hours on-the-go hearing processing. Imagine flying from San Francisco to New York. You pop your IQbuds2 MAX or IQbuds BOOST into your ears at SFO and leave them in the whole flight. You’d only have to recharge them once for just 15 minutes to enjoy Bluetooth audio streams from beginning to the end of journey.

Make traveling more simple with  tap touch controls to play/pause music or toggle between location settings without touching your phone. No more taking off you headset, or blasting your sound to overcome the noise of the airport. With these best-in-class Bluetooth wireless earbuds, you just leave them in your ears and control how you hear the world around you.

Because IQbuds2 MAX allow you to reduce the audio overload of your traveling experience, you’ll arrive at your final destination more relaxed and ready to go. They are the perfect companion and the perfect earbuds for airplane travel for the road warrior.

How do I connect to in-flight entertainment with IQbuds?
Nuheara’s new bluetooth transmitter will streams crystal clear stereo sound from any device with a 3.5mm jack plug to your IQbuds² MAX.

Customer Feedback: Nuheara Earbuds for Airplane Travel

Life changing earbuds!

The custom settings and FOCUS are a game changer and well worth the investment. I used them in a club listening to music. With a few adjustments I was able to talk and hear my friends as well as the music without hurting myself. The IQstream on a plane was very useful. Maybe not the intended use but it works. I connected it to the airplane TV and my wife connected her wired headphones to the OUT on the IQstream while I connected via Bluetooth. We both could watch the same show and hear it perfectly without the noise of the airplane. Invaluable

John B. from United States

“World Off” is wonderful for airline travel

Love the adjustability of IQbuds. I recently took an airline flight and used the “Airplane” setting to tune out the engine noise in flight. But then I discovered that “world off” is even better than muting the engines. I can simply turn them off while still hearing my audiobook or music. Wonderful!

Mike B. from United States

Great on a plane

It took a couple of days to get the hang of how to use them, but I’ve since been to South America and they are fantastic. I want a pair for the missus

Anonymous from Australia

Why didn’t I get these earlier?

I’ve been using noise cancellation headphones for a few years now, but they’re bulky and on planes it’s a pain to take them off to listen to the announcements. Now with IQbuds Boost, I’m able to control how much world I hear whenever I want. They’re also very light and boost my hearing when required and cancels out noise when I don’t want to hear the background noise. Absolutely remarkable!

HH from Australia

Everything You Need to Have That Unmatched Hearing Experience

They say that great things come in small (but powerful) packages and the IQbuds are no exception. Engineered to perfection, this product replaces at least two systems: bulky noise cancelling headsets for airplanes and a sturdy and reliable companion for walks and running for a trouble-free hearing experience unmatched by any existing hearing equipment. Definitely a keeper and hands down best choice. Check it out yourself and hear the difference!

Myles S. from United States

Best earbuds ever!

Bought these for my girlfriend who is a dentist and she loves them. She uses them on airplanes as they have great noise cancelling compared to her popular Bluetooth headphones with ANC. She also uses them at work everyday to listen to music and to reduce the high pitched noise from the dental drill. Highly recommended!

Simon J. from Australia

Wow. Hearing what I NEED to hear

I have the IQbuds Boost. And they are exactly what I need. The EarID function dials in what I need to maximize my hearing. At times I was hearing more than I wanted. No problem. Just dial “down” the amount of “world” allowed in. Listening to music is great because I can completely isolate the outside world to hear only music. Listening to downloaded movies while flying is great because of the airplane setting. These are amazing and I absolutely recommend them.

Anonymous from United States

*This post was originally published on July 24, 2017 and has been republished with updates.
October 22nd, 2019