As shipments of IQbuds™ go out to early backers of our Indiegogo campaign in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States, the first customer reviews are coming in. Going back to our 1st blog post in April of 2015, Nuheara’s original purpose was not just to build another wireless earbud, but to develop a technology that would improve people’s lives.

Reading through some of the early reviews of IQbuds™, we are thrilled to see our original purpose being fulfilled. Below is some of the early feedback from users just beginning to grasp the potential of this life-changing technology:

“I love them, they charge really well and the tech is amazing crisp & clear.”

– R. Williams

Great product – loving every movement while traveling.

– C. Mullligan

“Sound quality: Excellent! … Noise isolation and noise cancellation: Excellent.”

– B. Robson

“Just used the SINC and EQ and it worked beautifully. Can dull down loud music and hear husband talking and vice versa.”

– Suzee

“So overall I am a very happy camper, extremely glad that I made a decision to buy at the very early stages of the campaign, very happy to be one of the first in the world to own one, and very happy that they will provide me with solutions to some of the hearing issues I have in different environments.

– G. Dziadek

“Went to the NUH office in Perth today to checkout and try the buds for myself. All three of us were very impressed. My dad who suffers from tinnitus said that the second he put the buds in, the ringing in his ears had significantly decreased.”

– T.S.

If you are an Indiegogo backer and have received your IQbuds™, please do not hesitate to send your feedback, positive or negative, to our Customer Care team. Questions or comments can be submitted through our Customer Support page, where you will also find a growing library of video tutorials, app configuration guides, and much more.

If you have already purchased IQbuds™ but are awaiting your shipment, please know that our team is working  non-stop to ramp up production as fast as various certifications and approval processes allow. Here is an excerpt from our last Indiegogo wireless earbuds campaign backer updated:

  1. We are currently shipping to Australian and New Zealand iOS backers and this should be completed by the end of January.
  2. The plan is to commence shipping to USA/Canada iOS backers early February and complete this by end of February.
  3. For EU, Asia and the rest of the world iOS backers we plan to complete shipping by early March.
  4. The plan is to commence Android shipping by mid-to-late February and complete this by the end of March.
  5. You will be notified when your order is being shipped. That is when you will know you are next in line. So watch out for an email and make sure is added to your contacts so it doesn’t go into your spam/junk folder.

We really appreciate your patience while we get through the final stage. You will love the product when you receive it. Your fellow backers at CES (see video below), and the early reviewers highlighted above will vouch for that!

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  1. Derek Fowler
    Derek Fowler says:

    Hi, I ordered a pair on Jan 13 th so not an early backer. I had a pair of apple air buds on order and was about to order the Hear one buds instead, when I remembered seeing something about yours last year. Had a look again at yours and immediately cancelled my apple order and ordered yours. Just wondering where I stand in the rollout, I’m from NZ.
    Looking forward to getting mine

    • Nuheara Support
      Nuheara Support says:

      Hi Derek! We are completing fulfilling early backer orders and will start with our online pre-orders right after, which should begin in late March/early April. You will receive an email notification prior to shipping with a tracking number. Orders will ship in order of date the order was placed and also location. Since you ordered in January and live in New Zealand, should be in the first orders to be fulfilled. If you have more questions, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Care Team at

  2. Mary
    Mary says:

    Just bought new hearing aids, anybody got better results with these than the hearing aides, just interested, are they comfortable, etc, guessed they work with iPhone, hope there’s instructions

  3. ShineKia
    ShineKia says:

    Once the buds are out of the case, how long can they last? That’s definitely one of the key things I’d like to know before getting one, and is it possible to change the volume using any finger gesture? Thanks a lot for clearing my doubts!

  4. Geoffrey Ballard
    Geoffrey Ballard says:

    Like Derek in NZ – I ordered a pair back in January and am still waiting. I live in Melbourne. Is the mooted late March /early April delivery expectation still on schedule?


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