Lewis Hilsenteger is a 33 year-old Canadian technology entrepreneur, and one of the best-known “YouTube millionaires” out there. His Unbox Therapy YouTube channel, created in 2010, today boasts over 8 million subscribers and collectively his videos have accrued over 1.4 BILLION views.  In September of 2014, Lew famously posted his “bend test” of the newly-released (at the time) iPhone 6 Plus. Today that video alone has nearly 70 million views.

This past week, the Unbox Therapy team took a look at our very own IQbudsTM. Lew prides himself on highly honest reviews, and his videos involve no advance preparation in order to provide an unfiltered reaction to the product under review. Per the reactions in the video below, Nuheara’s earbuds that “give you super powers” clearly impressed the Unbox Therapy team:

Below are some highlights of the Unbox Therapy review of IQbudsTM for those of you who may not have time to watch the whole video:

“Whoa! I’m in the restaurant setting right now, everything is so clear and amplified.” – 1:37

“It’s the best of both. It’s isolation when you want it, it’s socialization when you need it.” – 4:33

“They’re amazing. They’re amazing. These are so cool. This is so cool.” – 5:25

“It’s cool. Tom never says that. Tom never says that. IQbuds. Nothing ever blows my mind, and certainly Tom never. Keep in mind they sound good as headphones too, but this is the feature it’s all about. This is the dream come true. This is a moment right now. It’s a moment in human history. I mean they walked on the moon and then this happened. Christopher Columbus, now this.” – 5:29

Unbox Therapy History: Tom is Wowed!

At the 4:50 mark of the video, watch the normally unfazeable Tom’s reaction to the power of IQbudsTM:

Tom of Unbox Therapy wowed by IQbuds

Thanks to Lew, Tom, and the Unbox Therapy for taking the time share this highly entertaining and impressive review of IQbudsTM!

June 23rd, 2017