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With many consumer electronics products, attaining status as an “early adopter” is a badge of honor. Much like music fans who can attest to being fans of a band “before they were famous,” there is a sense of pride among those with the foresight to appreciate great new products or technology before the masses.

However, along with the potential reward of early adoption usually comes potential risk. New products often undergo multiple enhancements and iterations shortly after their initial debut. A shiny new gadget is often soon outdated by version 2.0.

With IQbudsTM and IQbuds BOOST, ongoing firmware updates have enabled a way to reduce early adopter risk almost entirely.

Firmware, which TechTarget explains as “the software that allows hardware to run,” is added at the time of manufacturing. Embedded firmware controls the functionality of various hardware devices and products such as IQbudsTM. Unlike app updates for IQbudsTM, which are typically run through iOS or Android automatically over WiFi, firmware updates require a USB connection between the charging case and a laptop or desktop computer.

If that sounds like it might be too much effort, consider what’s been added to Nuheara’s line of products through firmware updates since their original release. If you don’t have the latest firmware on your IQbuds or IQbuds BOOST, have look at what you’re missing:

IQbudsTM Timeline of Firmware Updates

Update 1.1.0 (July 2017)

  • Battery life extended
  • Enhancement of audio prompts
  • Addition of “World Off” hearing environment control

Update 1.2.0 (October 2017)

  • Customization of tap touch functions added to right and left buds, an industry first
  • Reduction of wind noise for better phone call and augmented hearing experience

Update 1.2.1 (December 2017)

  • Additional enhancement of audio prompts
  • Adjustment of ring tone volumes on Android devices

Update 1.3.2 (April 2018)

  • Improved feedback management
  • Added call muting function
  • Disabled until fitted

Update 1.4.0 (July 2018)

  • Focus added to IQbuds BOOST

Update 1.4.1 (October 2018)

  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements

How to Run IQbudsTM Firmware Updates

To update the firmware on IQbudsTM, follow these steps:

  • Install the IQbuds Updater application on a PC or Mac computer *Updater will not work on a tablet or phone
  • Set your IQbuds into the charging case
  • Close the charging case lid
  • Connect the charging case to your PC or Mac computer using the USB cable supplied with your IQBuds at the time of purchase. *Many aftermarket cables will not work properly
  • Run the IQbuds application
  • Enjoy improved product performance!

Screenshot of firmware updater application for IQbuds

IQbudsTM Timeline of Application Updates

As previously noted, Android and iOS devices will usually updated the IQbuds application automatically. Expand the section below to learn how to check your current application version and to confirm if you’re up-to-date with the latest features:

How to Check Your App Version
Open the main menu in the IQbuds app, then hit the “Info” button. The currently installed version of the application will be noted at the bottom of the page as highlighted in the screen grab below:

How to find installed version of IQbuds app on your phone

Timeline and App Update Details

  • Addition of French, German, Spanish & English language options


  • Enhancements to pairing and new user onboarding


  • Improved usability and nomenclature (Renaming, additional text and labels, greater color consistency.)


  • Addition of custom tap touch controls
  • Addition of Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian language options


  • Re-vamped new user setup process to make the process easier, faster and improve the onboarding experience
  • Added ‘None’ as custom tap touch option, so tap sequences can be disabled.


  • Added IQbuds Boost and EarID
  • User interface refresh
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February 19th, 2018