The founders of Nuheara have been thinking about the concept of Nuheara for a long time. In our previous lives, we were instrumental in starting and building hearing technology and hearing aid companies.

The idea for Nuheara was motivated by our personal contact with thousands of consumers who had some degree of hearing loss and wanted a hearing device that would augment their ability to hear what they wanted to hear.

Our dream was to develop a hearing device company that would improve people’s lives. We believe that to truly do something special, we needed to create a new way of hearing, hence Nuheara (new..hear..a).

At Nuheara, a new way of hearing means that your hearable should not disconnect you from your physical world. Rather, is should seamlessly allow you to listen, communicate and connect with their physical and digital worlds.

We envisage a voice-enabled world where we interact with our digital devices with our voice, hands free and without cables. Today, this reality is being driven by the thousands of innovative voice enabled applications that are being developed around the world.

These apps need an equally impressive hearing device platform to enable their impact. That’s where Nuheara fits in. Nuheara’s adaptive augmented hearing will bring the promise of a voice-enabled world to millions of people around the world.

The Nuheara story is just beginning. We hope you can join us on this exciting journey.

April 30th, 2015
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