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Perth WA, Australia, 15th December, 2015 — Nuheara, an innovative audio Wearables company co-located in Perth, Australia and San Francisco, USA, last week hosted a technology update event at Curtin University where Nuheara’s Engineering and Research and Development Laboratory is based.

Nuheara is developing intelligent earbuds that will seek to allow users to hear what they want to hear in both their digital world and the world around them. To complement its current and future engineering needs, Nuheara has a contractual Research and Development relationship with Curtin; where Nuheara funds post-doctoral researchers at the University, who specialize in digital signal processing and augmented hearing.

The partnership between Nuheara and Curtin University is an excellent example of what Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced in his Innovation Statement last week – Universities and early stage technology companies collaborating to bring innovative technologies to a global market.

We are building a significant business in a very dynamic sector of the global technology market, wearables. The ability to partner our Engineering and Research & Development initiatives with an institution such as Curtin University provides an added level of robustness to our global business and product aspirations. In that sense, we are proud to be a poster child of Universities and the private sector collaborating to build an innovative technology business in Australia” said Justin Miller, CEO Nuheara.

Although the Nuheara team has decades of hearing technology commercialisation experience, its partnership with Curtin University rounds out the capabilities to not only bring this innovative technology to market but to also remain at the forefront of wearables technology in future years.

While all the technology development is happening in Perth, Nuheara was born global. Mr Miller’s Co-founder David Cannington is living in San Francisco, where he and Nuheara are based at one of the worlds leading Wearables incubators Wearable IoT Labs. “It’s a huge advantage for Nuheara to have a base in the heart of the weareables eco-system in Silicon Valley. We are creating a go-to-market channel for all the great technology being produced by our team in Perth in conjunction with Curtin University”said Mr Miller.

Nuheara has been working on its intelligent earbuds (IQbuds™) for almost 12 months and plans to deliver its stage one wearable working prototype next month. If this is successful, Nuheara intends to bring final product to market for the 2016 holiday season.

About Nuheara

Nuheara is an innovative audio Wearables company. It is developing proprietary hardware and software to deliver multi-functional intelligent hearing technology that augments a users hearing and facilitates cable free connection to smart devices.

With Nuheara’s IQbuds™, it is intended that consumers will be able to augment their hearing according to their personal hearing preferences and connect hands free with their voice enabled smart devices. Nuheara’s mission is to improve people’s lives by allowing them to seamlessly listen, communicate and connect to their physical and digital world. Learn more about Nuheara.

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Australia Contact: Justin Miller, Phone: +61-(0) 419948487, Email:

USA Contact: David Cannington, Phone: +1- 415-497-4754, Email:



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