The Founders of Nuheara are excited to formally announce our partnership with Western Australia’s Curtin University of Technology, one of the top academic institutions globally with world renown and a proven background in research, development and testing of advanced audio digital signal processing technologies. This partnership adds strength to the capability and innovation behind the development of Nuheara’s intelligent wearable hearing technology.

Two of our co-founders, Professor Sven Nordholm and Professor Kevin Fynn, hold faculty positions at Curtin, each with particular expertise in audio engineering and research. Prof. Nordholm has been a senior researcher and professor at Curtin since 1999 and has is a globally recognized expert in wireless communications, speech recognition and voice communication in extreme noise conditions. Prof. Fynn is Head of the School of Electrical Engineering and Computing, teaching at Curtin since 2009 and has been the driver behind a number of technology startups emanating from Curtin Research.

Their combined experience along with the deep audio engineering talent at the University will contribute to the success in research, development, testing and ultimately bringing to market Nuheara’s intelligent hearing technology. Designed with the most advanced audio digital signal processing and knowledge that has been developed over decades of experience, Nuheara will set a new standard in wireless earbuds.

Curtin’s expertise will contribute to the development of Nuheara’s intelligent hearing technology that will be embedded in two small, stylish, wireless devices that will be worn in the ear. This category of product is now being referred to as “Hearables”.

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  1. Alan Lim
    Alan Lim says:

    Hi how confident are you in putting out a 100% working product and also meet the growing demand? When will it be available to the mass market? How will the product be able to differentiate itself from the growing US$2bn earbud market?


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