We are pleased to advise that we have entered into a manufacturing agreement with leading global electronics manufacturer, Flextronics (“Flex”) to manufacture our IQbuds™ and related accessories.

Flex design, build, ship and service complete packaged consumer and industrial products for some of the world’s largest technology original equipment manufacturers (“OEMs”) including Fitbit, Apple, Cisco, Hewlett Packard, Lenovo, Microsoft, Huawei & Ericsson. Flex provide their services through a network of over 100 facilities in approximately 30 countries, across four continents, with approximately 200,000 employees.

Commenting on the partnership with Flex, Nuheara CEO Justin Miller said, “Flex are recognized as one of the world’s top Contract Manufacturers and we are very pleased to have now commenced pre-production services with them. In the lead up to mass production, these services include:

  • the manufacture of tooling,
  • development of production test equipment,
  • pilot production runs,
  • reliability testing, and
  • pre-compliance EMC testing.

Our primary objectives in selecting a manufacturer were two-fold: the first was experience with a proven track record of quality, the second was ability to scale. Flex’s pedigree delivers on both of these objectives with operations management, process development and state of the art manufacturing technology and facilities that few others could meet.

More specifically, with any technology manufacturing it is critical that any company’s first manufactured product is as good as it’s millionth. Flex executes this directive for some of the world’s largest technology and consumer electronics brands.”

Wireless earbud company, Nuheara, partners with Flextronics

A further potential benefit to Nuheara, as yet uncontracted, is the Flex Global Services business, a provider of after-market supply chain logistics services. This distribution service is tailored to customers operating in the computing, consumer digital, infrastructure, industrial, mobile and medical markets. Flex’s expansive global infrastructure includes 27 sites and approximately 11,000 employees strategically located throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia, thereby providing Nuheara with the potential to distribute stock direct to retail outlets globally.

Milestone Update

The company is pleased to provide an update to the previously announced milestones:

  • Apr 2016 Contract Manufacture announced – COMPLETED
  • May 2016 Hardware Component Order for Production -COMPLETED
  • Jul 2016 Product Tooling commences – COMMENCED

As part of the tooling process, Design and Unit Verification is now complete as represented in the latest prototypes below.

IQbuds wireless earbuds charging case

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