The team from Outre are a full service digital powerhouse that focus on strategy, media, design, content, and technology. So obviously we were extremely flattered when we heard that IQbuds² MAX were their earbuds of choice in the office. See what they have to say about buds for work and play.

Hey, guys. I’m Nick. We deal with social media marketing and digital strategies.

We work SEO, digital media buying, build websites, graphics, all the exciting stuff.

Never actually found the perfect headphone for myself.

I’m the type of person that likes to do a lot of research. And I stumbled upon Nuheara. I got very interested in how you could set up the different environments, whether you’re working out or whether you’re in the office. I like how you can fine tune that.

It puts you through a bit of a hearing test. I didn’t think I had 100% hearing, but I actually have a little bit off. I was kind of annoyed when I saw at the end. I’m like, oh. [LAUGHS]

It is obvious that I’ve got some form of hearing issues. In Singapore, I served in the military. We fired off MATADORS. When you blast those, basically, your hearing gets destroyed.

Whenever I’m out in noisy places, leaning in for conversation, I get tired really easily. Ever since I got IQbuds, the best thing ever. The first meeting I used the buds for was fantastic.

Focus on.

Putting focus on what’s in front of you eliminates all the background noise, puts all your attention with the client.

July 12th, 2021