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Nuheara expands hearing ecosystem with first production run of IQstream TV™

Nuheara continues development of game-changing hearing solutions with IQstream TV™; Customers can now stream TV sound without increasing volume for other participants; Marks a major milestone in Nuheara’s pursuit to be market…
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"Hears" to a Happy Father's Day

On September 7th, Australia and New Zealand will celebrate Father's Day. Dads serve many roles for which their children might wish to give them thanks: teacher, coach, counselor, judge, financial advisor... this list goes on and on. And…

Nuheara Wins 'Best in Show' at CE Week NY 2018

For consumer electronics manufacturers looking to showcase their innovation and build critical relationships, CE Week in New York City is a "must-attend" event. Working with IFA, the biggest technology trade show in the world, CE Week is a premier…

Augmented Hearing to Save Baby Boomers’ Ears

Read a comprehensive review of the new IQbuds Boost and EarID technology by Nuheara from tech journalist Chris Griffith of the Australian Business Review after experimenting with the product for a few days.

IQbuds BOOST - Remarkable Feedback from Early Adopters

In the initial weeks following the first shipments of IQbuds BOOST to customers, the reception has been outstanding. Stories from customers around the world mark another milestone in Nuheara's original mission: to develop a hearing device company…

Nuheara Commences Shipping of Next Generation IQbuds BOOST™

HIGHLIGHTS Nuheara commences shipping of next generation IQbuds BOOST™ Game-changing accessible hearing solution for under-serviced growing international market Assistive audio device available for approximately 10% of cost…

Nuheara Expands Global Hearing Health Care Sales Channel

HIGHLIGHTS Global hearing health care channel expansion supports the Company’s impending IQbuds BoostTM product release Hearing health care distribution expansion includes: Puretone, operating in 48 countries supporting…

Nuheara Launches New Suite of Smart Personal Hearing Devices at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, USA

HIGHLIGHTS Nuheara solidifies brand as a global leader in smart personal hearing devices that enhance and amplify human experiences with a suite of new intelligent hearing products. Nuheara launches IQbuds Boost™, and LiveIQ™,…