Hearing Buds Help Auditory Processing Disorder

Understanding Auditory Processing Disorder: Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

Learn about Auditory Processing Disorder, its causes, common symptoms, and various treatment options and innovations for APD relief.
miniere's syndrome frustration
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Meniere's Disease: Easing Symptoms through Innovation

A look at Meniere's Disease, its stages, various methods of easing the symptoms, and the journey of Ana, an IQbuds BOOST customer suffering from the affliction.
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Nuheara delivers IQstream TV™ to global hearing market

Game-changing hearing solution, IQstream TV™ now available for purchase; Customers can stream TV sound without increasing volume for other participants; Marks a major milestone in Nuheara’s pursuit to be market leader in…
a smarter tv hearing device

Introducing IQstream: The Ultimate TV Hearing Device

IQstream TV offers a sophisticated, stylish, easy, and affordable Bluetooth option that functions extraordinarily well. Learn about the many features that truly make IQstream TV a game-changing innovation for anyone who's struggled to hear the television.

Nuheara invited to present to CHPA Annual Executive Conference

Nuheara is pleased to announce that Justin Miller, CEO, Nuheara, has been invited to present at the Consumer Healthcare Products Association's (CHPA) annual conference.

Customer Spotlight: Retired Police Sergeant Hears Better

Many of those suffering from mild-to-moderate hearing loss don't even realize just how much of the world's sound around them they're missing. Scott is a retired police sergeant who spent years riding loud motorcycles for the police department. Until…

Nuheara Continues to Make an Impact at CES2019

Nuheara continues to make an impact at CES-2019. At the end of day three Nuheara continued to entertain hundreds of attendees to its booth, gained more global press coverage and was found presenting on stage in front of 500+ press and tech enthusiasts at The Gadget Standing finalist pitch event.

Fantastic News & Unveilings from Day One of CES2019

As the doors of the Sands Expo Hall opened to the public at 10am yesterday, the Nuheara booth was again buzzing with activity. Visitors to the booth expressed tremendous excitement over the story of how Nuheara is revolutionizing the hearing health industry with new products, new accessories, new ways to engage consumers and our retail partners.

Six Trends That Will Impact Hearing Healthcare

New technology trends are having a huge impact on hearing healthcare, offering consumers more ability to take control of their hearing health at earlier stages of hearing loss. Nuheara is at the forefront of developing such innovative hearing devices and technology.