smart tv amplication options from Nuheara and IQbuds Boost It’s a common issue in countries around the world where individuals with moderate or even mild hearing loss struggle to hear conversations on the television, resulting in increasingly loud TV volumes.

Invariably people are forced to crank up the TV to full blast volume hear which is unpleasant for others occupying the same room (or even household).

For those with some degree of hearing loss, the experience of watching TV is frustrating. The solution is often more complex than simply turning up the volume. As Dr. Meredith Scharf of Manhattan Audiological Services in New York told Consumer Reports in a recent interview:

“We see this issue quite a bit, especially with our older patients. It’s not just volume; it’s clarity any time there’s a high background level of noise. It can be with speech and conversations, as well as with TV.”

To enable better hearing of the TV at normal levels without impacting others in the room, TV sound transmitters are a popular option.

What Are TV Sound Transmitters?

Many hearing aid manufacturers offer a sound transmitter accessory for TV amplification. These devices process and then relay TV audio to hearing aids. The sound and frequencies are enhanced so the hearing aid user can hear the TV more clearly. However, the main audio coming from the TV speakers remains uninterrupted – welcome news for other people in the room or household.

TV sound transmitters take the audio signal from TV, process & relay it via Bluetooth to a listener using a hearing device.

Most TV sound transmitter units are sold as an additional accessory to a hearing aid and typically cost several hundreds of dollars. An inability to hear the TV is among the most common reasons for first-time visitsto the audiologist. Consequently, TV sound transmitters are often an add-on purchase with hearing aids.

aptX and Low Latency

The transmission of the audio from the TV sound transmitter to the user’s hearing device is a critical connection. A common complaint with many devices is latency. Latency occurs when the audio heard by the end user is slightly behind what is showing on the television. As a result, there is often lip sync delay and a disjointed audio-visual experience which is very frustrating.

To eliminate latency issues, Nuheara has licensed Qualcomm’s aptX LL technology for IQbudsTM BOOST. aptXTM Low Latency Audio ensures that Bluetooth wireless devices synchronize sound with video content. The aptX LL technology ensures that audio transmission happens at a rate of ~40ms. The human brain can’t tell the difference between a delay of 0 and 100ms, therefore the transmission speed eliminates any perceptible latency effect.

The IQbudsTM BOOST Solution

IQbudsTM BOOST are the ultimate hearing buds, built with all the great features as our award-winning IQbudsTM. Combined with EarIDTM, a clinically validated audiometric hearing assessment. BOOST measures, assesses and calibrates the IQbudsTM to your unique hearing profile.

To seamlessly transmit TV audio through IQbudsTM BOOST, Nuheara currently recommends the Avantree Oasis Bluetooth Transmitter. The Avantree Oasis is aptX LL compatible, widely available, and less expensive than many alternatives. Moreover, Nuheara’s engineering team has tested IQbudsTM BOOST with the Avantree Oasis for compatibility.

For complete instructions on connecting your IQbuds BOOST earbuds with an Avantree Oasis TV Transmitter unit, click here.

End the Arguments Over TV Amplification for Good

While individuals with any type of hearing loss should consult an audiologist regarding their issues, a remarkable number do not. Whether it is the cost, or the stigma, attached to hearing aids, many leave their hearing loss untreated. These individuals are most prevalent among those with mild-to-moderate hearing loss.

IQbudsTM BOOST offer an innovative, technologically advanced solution for those with trouble hearing the television. For a fraction of the cost of traditional hearing aids, BOOST might finally bring peace and sanity back to the experience of watching TV.

IQbudsTM BOOST are available for purchase now.

Customer Reaction to the IQbuds BOOST & Avantree Combination

“I suffer from moderate hearing loss which means that for some time I’ve lost much of the detail in listening to music and watching the TV. However. the Nuheara Boosts have come to the rescue. After a simple, self-administered hearing test the devices provide crystal clear and rich sound. I use them with a Bluetooth connect to my phone and an Avantree Bluetooth Device connected to the TV. The connections are instant and reliable. These little beauties have restored my enjoyment…” – Anonymous from United Kingdom

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