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Among the many contributors and writers for the site, Brent Butterworth boasts a particularly impressive background. With tech editorial experience going back to 1988, Mr. Butterworth has written for a wide array of leading publications. They include Sound & Vision, SoundStage, About.com, Robb Report, Wirecutter, Luxury Magazine, Home Theater, Spin among others.

In the July 2021 issue of audioXpress, Mr. Butterworth offers a in-depth review of IQbuds² MAX. His review includes subjective findings based on his personal experience with the product. Additionally, he provides detailed measurements using GRAS sound and vibration test equipment.

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Below are brief excerpts and images from Mr. Butterworth’s detailed review of IQbuds² MAX.

More than five years in development and after multiple iterations, Australian startup Nuheara achieved its goal with the Nuheara IQbuds² MAX, a bridge toward truly smart hearables. The design uses digital technology to bring hearing aid functionality into true wireless earphones. Brent Butterworth gives them a listen.

iqbuds2 max testing for auidoXpress review

The IQbuds² MAX are shown under measurement with the GRAS Ear and Cheek Simulator with anthropometric pinna. (Image Credit: audioXpress)


According to the World Health Organization, hearing loss sufferers are expected to nearly double in number by 2050. Yet the average $2,300 per ear that one has to spend on traditional hearing aids purchased through an audiologist is clearly out of reach for many people. While people with severe hearing loss obviously need to consult health professionals for solutions tailored to their problem, people who just have difficulty understanding conversation in noisy restaurants would benefit from a less costly solution like the IQbuds² MAX.

From my experience with the IQbuds² MAX., I think it has the power to provide a significant and welcome improvement in speech comprehension, and it’s a good-sounding set of noise-cancelling earphones to boot. People who have a mild but troublesome degree of hearing loss can pick these up (at a discount) from online merchants, spend half an hour figuring out how they work and taking the Ear ID test, and potentially get a significant quality­of-life improvement. Even if they don’t, they’ll still have a nice set of noise-cancelling earphones, at only a small price premium compared to what they’d pay for noise-cancelling earphones from the big consumer brands.

I’ve already started telling my friends who have hearing loss about the IQbuds² MAX.; they’re all intrigued, and I expect several will buy a set. Clearly, this is a product that fills an all-too-common need.

The above only represents a small portion of the 6-page PDF review of IQbuds² MAX. The full review offers a detailed summary of objective and subjective analysis, and multiple images.

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June 15th, 2021