“The first time that I put in the Max buds, I started crying, it was amazing.”

The first time that I put in the Max earbuds, I started crying, it was amazing.

– My name is Violet I’m in Phoenix, Arizona. I’m obviously working from home. Sshhh. You’re very loud. I love you but please lay down. Sorry!

– I got diagnosed with Auditory Processing Disorder and ADHD. Sounds were just way too much for me. It got to the point where I could not handle my parents– chewing, scratching their plates with silverware, when we were having family dinner.

– My migraines would just get so much worse. I would end up in the ER because I just couldn’t take the pain. I finally found “Nuheara”, and I was like this is what I need. This will give me the control over how I hear the world. And as soon as I put them in, it was just quiet. All the background noises just went away.

– And my mom started crying and she was like, “It’s OK. Like you have something to help you now and you don’t have to worry about that anymore.”

– And it was… it was incredible.

– When I got to college, I can just hear what the teacher is saying. No wonder I was missing questions on tests. Because I never heard what they’re saying because I was listening to the fricking’ pen tapping 800 times.

– It’s made a huge difference.

– “Nuheara” gave me so much control over how I hear the world. It has made me so much more productive at work, even my manager was like, “Hey, good job. I noticed you’re getting a lot more done.”

– I keep them on home so she doesn’t distract me and so my fridge doesn’t distract me. These buds could enhance literally anyone’s life, and it’s been amazing.

July 12th, 2021