Hearing is Precious

Adaptive hearing buds delivered direct to you for 80% less than traditional hearing devices.

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The Hear and Now

A new world of hearing has arrived where you’re in control. IQbuds BOOST are the only hearing buds that learn and adapt to your unique hearing profile. All within minutes and in the comfort of your home.


Take our online evaluation to see if you’re a good candidate for IQbuds BOOST earbuds. If so, it’s easy to purchase them online and within days you’ll be able to assess your hearing in the comfort of your home.


When you receive your IQbuds, registration and testing takes about 10 minutes – and calibrating them to your personal Ear IDTM only takes an instant. You can re-test and re-calibrate as often as you like.


Once you’ve personalized your IQbuds BOOST, the easy-to-use app allows you to control how you hear the world around you and connect to your smart phone. Hearing better has never been easier!

Hear better for less than 80% of traditional hearing devices

We offer two simple payment options. Oh, and no repeat clinic visits!

Easy Pay

Less than $2/day
We offer a split payment plan with a one-time deposit and 11 monthly payments.  No credit checks, no forms.



Pay even less with a single payment.
That’s around 10% of the cost of traditional hearing devices.

Hear What They’re Hearing

When you hear better, it changes your life. What more can we say…

“The results were so immediate”
“Enabled me to perfect my sound”
“Better Hearing in a few minutes”

Get Ready to
Hear Better

Take the free online hearing assessment and see if you are a candidate to start the hear better journey with Nuheara.

Free Hearing Check

Take the free online hearing test and see if you are a candidate to start the hear better journey with Nuheara

Free Hearing Check

We guarantee that you will hear better within minutes. If you’re not happy, simply return the product to Nuheara for a refund within 30 days.