The Worlds Smartest TV Box & Earbuds All In One

IQstream TV, the worlds smartest TV Box and IQbuds2 MAX, the worlds smartest noise cancelling earbuds, deliver a ‘soundbar for your ears’ personalized listening experience. Re-invent your TV listening experience and enjoy superior sound fidelity and personalized listening to enhance your lifestyle.

Best-in-class Noise Cancelling
Earbuds for high fidelity listening

IQbuds2 MAX

Award winning IQbuds2 MAX delivers superior high-fidelity sound with noise cancellation so you can stream your favorite music, podcasts or video.


Award winning personalized
Assistive Listening Device

IQbuds2 MAX

IQbuds2 MAX also delivers smart control of the world around you in a way that is personalized to your ears.


Smart TV Box for enhanced Listening

IQstream TV

Enjoy crystal clear soundbar quality sound directly in your ears with the ability to control the volume while others can listen at their own volume level. All controlled by a smart app (IOS and Android)


Amazing Customer Stories

Positive customer experiences.


I highly recommend it

This device has really helped me clearly hear the TV dialogue while leaving the TV volume at a reasonable level for others to hear. The IQbuds BOOST link very easily to the IQstream TV device. The IQstream TV unit is easy to plug into the TV and began working immediately. I highly recommend it for anyone who has a hard time hearing the TV dialogue.
Thomas C. from United States

IQbuds BOOST great for TV and phone conversations

I no longer require subtitles when watching TV and my wife can watch together without increased volume from the TV. Also works well as a hands free phone device.
Harry from Australia

Happy husband

It has been an amazing change for both of us – husband can hear the TV and as he has told his friends “choose not to hear me “ when l have had enough listening to the ? cricket ??
Anne J. from Australia

Cost effective hearing

I have tried hearing aids that simply don’t work in many environments so I thought I’d try IQBoost buds. They are more flexible in achieving a better result for my hearing problem and have the added feature of allowing access to SIRI, phone calls and importantly my music library. They are so good I purchased the IQStream product for TV listening. Now my wife likes them too.
Colin B. from Australia

Great with the IQstream

I always needed to have the TV quite loud, but now this is in the past, especially with the IQstream TV, the neighbors and my husband are delighted.
Inge B. from Australia

Excellent value & vastly improved viewing experience

The IQstream TV/IQbuds Boost combination is a winner, vastly improving my movie viewing experience. Sound is at ‘my’ level without bothering others and much clearer. The stereo is pretty amazing. I had pretty much given up watching movies without captions, but with some movies now there is no need, as I can actually hear the speech much more clearly. Of course the other benefit is I can enjoy movies with the speakers muted so as to not bother other nearby who are not watching. Thank you Nuheara for providing this technology at a reasonable price. An excellent value for money.
Terry B. from United States

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