Honestly, I don’t really take them out. Super customizable. It’s a life changer, right?

Well, my name is Joel. I am the videographer at Outre.

Hey guys I’m Nick. We deal with social media marketing, digital strategies.

We work SEO, digital media buying, build websites, graphics, all the exciting stuff.

Never actually found the perfect headphone for myself.

I’m the type of person that likes to do a lot of research. I stumbled upon Nuheara. I got very interested in how you could set up the different environments, whether you’re working out or whether you’re in the office.

I like how you can fine tune that.

Ever since I got IQbuds, the best thing ever. The first meeting I used the buds for was fantastic.

Getting focus on what’s in front of you eliminates all the background noise. Puts all the attention on the client. I feel a bit like James Bond. Hear someone and turn your head like ah!

It helps me drown out of the sound of my pestering colleagues. As soon as I walk through those doors, World off. Done. I’ve been DJing for a while. I went through about two months of just trialing a whole bunch of different headphones.

Joel was like, hey, try these out. Popped them in.

I was blown away by really warm sounding crisp clear tones. The bass response is really beautiful as well. So when I’m searching for new music that I can put into a set, I 100% use this.

When I want to zone out and just kind of focus my edit, it’s nice to be able to just for the noise canceling on. It almost kinda puts you in your own world. Vocal range is great on it as well when you’re listening to people talking, when I’m editing videos.

The fact that I’ve got the best of both worlds is really helpful. It’s convenient. It’s portable.

It’s definitely for anyone. Anyone.

It becomes a part of you.

Haven’t looked back since.

One of the best purchases I’ve ever had in my life.

July 12th, 2021