IQstream to me, it feels like heaven. I can’t ask for anything better. My occupation is manufacturing manager for an outdoor TV company. We ended up testing subwoofers, sound bars. I’m a huge movie buff. Wherever in the house I was at, my TV volume was all the way cranked up. My wife persisted on me getting my hearing checked. I ended up using the IQstream. It’s like surround sound in your ear, crystal clear.

It’s like you’re literally immersed in your movie. Not a lot of products gives you that quality of sound and that clarity of sound. You connect it to the back of the TV. The app recognizes it in a flash, straight out of the box. Hearing the TV at a normal level and hearing it directly in my ear, and you can still hold a conversation with your significant other at the same time. You can’t ask for anything better.

I like watching movies in the wee hours while my wife is sleeping. She’s able to get a good night’s rest without me distracting her with the volume all the way up. That’s actually improved my relationship with my wife.

I can’t thank Nuheara enough. I can’t thank this product enough. It’s literally life changing.

August 31st, 2021