The Ultimate Personalized Hearing Buds

Ear ID Assessment

Creates your own unique hearing profile from the comfort of your home in less than 10 minutes. Learn moreEar ID Assessment

Automatic Calibration
World On/Off

Simply tap on the bud to turn the volume of the world on or off. Learn More

Blended Hearing

Blend your audio streams & noise from the world around you for situational awareness

Hearing Customization

Create your own hearing settings for different locations (driving, restaurant, office, gym, etc.).

High-Fidelity Audio

Listen to your favorite music and audio streams with premium sound.

Voice Assistants

Tap on the earbuds to enable Siri and Google Assistant — no need to pull out your phone.

Focus Feature

Enhances your ability to hear conversations in noisy places with directional hearing. Learn more

Affordable Price

Delivers better hearing at an incredible price well below other comparable hearing devices.

Firmware Updates

Enjoy many product improvements & feature add-ons by uploading Firmware updates. Learn more

December 7th, 2018