As customers around the world experience IQbuds2 MAX, the potential of the technology to change lives grows. The video below features Marcus, a customer who’s experienced hearing issues for the last decade plus. Learn how his issues began with the diagnosis of an acoustic nueroma in 2005.

Following a successful surgery to remove the acoustic neuroma, Marcus experienced a loss of 90% of his hearing in his left ear. Discover how using the IQbuds BOOST enabled Marcus to participate in many activities that he’d previously felt isolated from.

Full transcription of Marcus’s testimonial about IQbuds BOOST and his newfound ability to deal with some of the challenges from his acoustic neuroma-induced hearing loss below:


Well, I used to have perfect hearing and then back in 2005 I got diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma. That resulted in surgery to remove the acoustic neuroma and I lost 90% of my hearing in my left ear.It really wasn’t unusual for me to walk right by somebody. I wouldn’t hear them. Unless I caught them out of the side of my eye I’d just keep going.

Setting up the Ear ID on my phone took me about five or six minutes. It was so easy and the results were just so immediate. I’m just so pleased at how clear the sound is and how interactive I was able to be right from the get go.

Nothing’s going to bring my hearing back. I know that but the Boost has allowed me to participate in all kinds of things that I felt isolated from. Even just hearing somebody at the coffee shop that I couldn’t have heard before or being in a crowded room and hearing somebody say my name from across the room. I’m more involved in the environment.

Now, with IQbuds Boost, my life is so much better.

**This testimonial represents the subjective experience of an actual customer in their own words and whose result may not be typical. No clinical performance tests have been run yet.**
June 17th, 2018