am i losing my hearing?
For individuals with untreated hearing loss, there are many questions.

Am I losing my hearing?… What are the signs of hearing loss? How is hearing loss tested?…

Unfortunately, too many are reluctant to ask for help, making mild-to-moderate hearing loss one of the most untreated medical conditions worldwide.

According to the NIDCD, approximately 15% of American adults (37.5 million) aged 18 and over report some trouble hearing.

In Australia, “the prevalence of hearing loss is projected to increase from one in six to one in four by 2050,” according to

Although hearing loss is “the third most prevalent chronic health condition facing older adults” in the U.S., only one in five people who could benefit from treatment utilize it.

Generally, the top reasons for not seeking help for hearing health conditions involve:

  • The cost and/or time involved with a proper hearing assessment with an audiologist
  • The stigma of hearing aids and association with “aging” or being “uncool”
  • Uncertainty about whether assistive listening devices or hearing aids will be effective

Thankfully, there are new innovative hearing devices such as IQbuds BOOST & IQbuds2 MAX that provide accessible and affordable options to individuals with untreated mild-to-moderate hearing loss. But first, let’s look at ways to identify if you may have some degree of hearing loss.

Signs of Potential Hearing Loss

Do any of the following situations sound familiar?

  • It seems as though people are constantly mumbling
  • You ask others to repeat themselves on a regular basis
  • Conversations become muddled or indecipherable in noisy environments
  • Others complain that the TV volume is too loud
  • It’s difficult to hear certain voices, particularly those of women or children
  • You no longer hear noises like rustling leaves, footsteps, or whispers
  • Music sounds less rich or full-bodied than it used to

If so, it’s possible you may have some degree of hearing loss. As mentioned earlier, it’s an incredibly common health condition, and thankfully there are now ways you can hear better that are affordable and could improve the quality of your life. Treating hearing loss can provide significant benefits including enhanced mood, greater productivity, and even the potential to reduce risk of future cognitive decline.

How Hearing Loss is Tested

The best, most reliable and recommended way to evaluate potential hearing loss is to schedule an appointment with a certified audiologist. In addition to a physical examination of your ears the audiologist will likely conduct a multi-step audiological evaluation. The results of this type of evaluation output to an audiogram, which will diagnose your level of hearing.


September 13th, 2018