As the doors of the Sands Expo Hall opened to the public at 10am yesterday, the Nuheara booth was again buzzing with activity. Visitors to the booth expressed tremendous excitement over the story of how Nuheara is revolutionizing the hearing health industry with new products, new accessories, new ways to engage consumers and our retail partners. With a bigger two-sided booth, Nuheara’s offering live presentations on one side to large groups of technology industry experts, and on the other side of the booth delivering a more hands-on, engaging experience of our entire hearing eco-system.

Starting with Unveiled and continuing into Day 1, press coverage of Nuheara has been strong from both top-tier tech press as well as hearing industry followers. Below is a sampling of the latest and it’s just Day 1:

Nuheara Launches IQbuds MAX Totally Wireless Smart Earbuds

“Nuheara just announced an even smarter and better sounding set of totally wireless earphones that feature active noise cancelling.”

Nuheara’s IQbuds MAX Offer Powerful Hearing Assistance

“For those with mild to moderate hearing loss, Nuheara’s line of true wireless earbuds offer some relief. At CES 2019, the company is introducing its most powerful assistive hearing true wireless earbuds: the IQbuds MAX. Nuheara is also debuting the IQstream TV at CES, a device that works with the IQbuds BOOST and new IQbuds MAX to help you hear your TV better.”

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Nuheara’s IQbuds MAX cancel outside noise so you can hear more clearly

“Hearables newcomer, Nuheara is adding a new model to its line up of fully wireless, hearing-enhancing earbuds, with the IQBuds MAX. “

What Will Be the Last Gadget Standing at CES 2019?

“The Boost version goes one step further by adding Ear ID, a clinically-backed audiometric hearing assessment that calibrates the earbuds to the way you hear. The result is a truly wireless product that runs a clinically-approved hearing test, so it’s perfect for people who have minor hearing loss. I’ve been trying these out as well, and they really fill a need in the market.”

CES 2019: All the announcements from the year’s biggest show

“Nuheara is one of the key hearable players and it’s got a new pair of buds that are all about personalising the sounds you hear in different environments. The IQbuds MAX feature the company’s Ear ID tech to enable users to assess their own hearing and calibrate the buds to their own unique hearing profile. The buds also include active noise cancellation to block external noises, smart sensors to enable and disable sound based on when the buds are in your ears and promises up to 32 hours of battery life from the accompanying charging case.

In other Nuheara news, the company also announced IQStream TV, an adapter for your TV that delivers clear audio to Nuheara’s IQbuds BOOST and IQbuds MAX smart hearing buds.”

Nuheara’s IQbuds MAX provides intelligent hearing assistance and comes with active noise cancellation

“The earbuds are specifically targeted for those with low to moderate hearing loss and do an amazing job of reducing the surrounding noise to make it easier to listen to what’s important.”

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Nuheara Launches New IQbuds MAX Product at CES 2019

“Nuheara says that the new IQbuds have five times more processing power than the company’s popular IQbuds BOOST. That’s a leap forward in processing power and it sounds like a company who has decided to get pretty serious about their core mission.”

Nuheara IQbuds MAX Bring Noise Cancelling to Wireless Earbuds

“These wireless earbuds come with hybrid active noise cancellation alongside the proprietary SINC (short for “super intelligence noise cancellation”). What that means is that these babies, the follow-up to 2017’s IQBuds, will do an even better job of providing great music and isolation from unwanted noises like background chatter, traffic noise or wind.”

The Nuheara booth (Sands Expo, #44946) will be open again from 9a – 6p and throughout the remainder of the show which concludes on Friday. Stay tuned for more updates!

January 8th, 2019