As we move into Fall, families traditionally begin thinking about the approaching holiday season. With 2021 being another abnormal year, choosing great Christmas gadgets for Dad or Mom still requires a unique approach.

This year saw industries start getting back to their feet after being rocked with shutdowns thanks to COVID-19 but some business still continued to experience manufacturing and shipping delays. Many consumers around the globe are still living under some sort of restrictions, and therefore are limited in their ability to see loved ones and friends in person.

All of these changes have also shifted consumer preferences, which is something to consider as the holidays approach. Technology can make life and leisure more efficient and enjoyable. Additionally, the right products can help maintain social connections and personal well-being.

If you’re looking for Christmas gadgets for Dad or Mom in 2021, here are some of the top tech gift ideas that are especially appropriate for the world we’re living in today.

1. Hearing-Enhancing Earbuds + TV Audio Streaming

For some, connecting with Mom and Dad may still be limited to telephone or video calls due to the pandemic. While not the same as in-person contact, video conferences are the best alternative for safely keeping in touch. Unfortunately for many older individuals, especially those with hearing challenges, video chat communication is difficult.

For Moms and Dads who could use a little help, but aren’t ready for a $4,000 hearing aid, IQbuds2 MAX will give them the gift of sound for the holidays. For just a few hundred dollars, get them the best truly wireless earbuds that will change their lives.

Additionally, with Moms & Dads spending more time at home, they’re likely to be watching more TV than ever before. Bring the sounds of TV back to life for them with IQstream TV. This device uses Bluetooth connection to stream TV audio directly to their IQbuds2 MAX earbuds in high definition.

Additionally, the wearer of the earbuds can independently control the audio volume in their earbuds without impacting the TV itself. Aside from great sound, you may also save Mom and Dad from arguing over the TV volume this Christmas!

2. UV Sanitizers for Smartphones

After over a year of deadly viruses and quarantines, staying sanitized is top of mind for most people, especially older individuals or those with underlying health conditions. With our hands constantly in contact with smartphones, it’s imperative that these personal devices are kept clean of unwanted germs. According to the makers of  the PhoneSoap 3, smartphones are breeding grounds for unwanted grime.

“Your phone is 18x dirtier and contains more harmful bacteria than a public toilet.”

There are new devices that use UV light to sanitize your smartphone. These devices reportedly kill 99.99% of germs and fit all smartphones and most size cases. Even better, it only takes about ten minutes to completely sanitize your smartphone.

The PhoneSoap 3 device has two charging ports, so you can safely charge your phone while it’s being sanitized. You also won’t miss any notifications thanks to its built-in audio amplifier.

3. Percussive Massage Device

Social distancing for many has meant an end to regular spa and massage therapy appointments. But sales of home exercise equipment have soared this year, so those tight muscles still need some attention. Additionally, with so many now trying to remain productive while working from home, massage devices help relieve soreness or stiffness from long hours in make-shift work spaces.

Mom or dad might appreciate one of the hottest items on the market this year for Christmas – the Theragun Percussive Message Device. Theragun’s range of devices will purportedly alleviate aches and pains for conditions from from Carpal Tunnel to lower back pain.

You can preset your preferences and track your sessions through a Bluetooth-connected app. All models take batteries, with up to 300 minutes of life, depending on the chosen option.

4. Urban Farmer Starter Kit

Among the many lessons learned from lockdowns and restrictions, we’ve realized the value of self-sufficiency over the last couple of years. It might be a stretch in the city or suburbia to raise livestock or start a farm. But now you can grow your own herbs and vegetables.

Consider a Smart Indoor Garden among your ideas for Christmas gadgets for Dad and Mom this year. Before you know it, they’ll be making their own salsa with home-grown tomatoes!

Even with no gardening experience, this “Click and Grow” indoor garden cares for itself by automatically calibrating light, nutrients, and water. The biodegradable pods come with the seeds and nutrients prepackaged for over 50 different plant varieties.

There’s also a smart phone app where Mom and Dad can learn more about their plants as they grow.

5. Wireless Phone Printer

Whether their kids are 2 or 42, parents still love to have photos of them on display around the house. In the age of smartphones and digital devices, we take far more pictures than we used to, but very rarely do we print them out. Usually, we would have to buy a bulky printer or upload the photos to a USB so the nearest shop can print them out. A portable phone printer is a solution to this.

The HP Sprocket is a no-nonsense, user-friendly device that everyone will be comfortable using. It allows you to take family photos from the convenience of your smartphone, or if the pandemic has separated you from seeing your loved ones, those treasured photos from a few years ago, and combine it with high-quality printing from HP.


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6. Air Quality Element

Let’s face it; everyone is pretty sensitive about their health these days. Sadly those in places like California or Australia are all too familiar with the perils of wildfire smoke. Worldwide, there’s also growing concern indoor air quality, CO2 levels, and the risk of COVID transmission.

Give a tech-savvy Mom and Dad the gift of better insights into their air quality this Christmas with a device like the Awair Element. This sharp-looking indoor air quality monitor will give you up-to-minute information about the temperature in your space as well as CO2 levels, VOCs, humidity, and any particulate matter present.

You can monitor all of these factors using the free Awair Home app, which connects with your device via WiFi and Bluetooth.

awair element - one of several christmas gadgets for dad or mom

We’ve shifted how we buy products and services in 2021. As a result, there’s an increased focus on online shopping. But what we purchase seems to be evolving as well. Use these ideas for unique Christmas gadgets for Dad or Mom to find something they’ll truly appreciate and enjoy.

November 19th, 2021