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Ear ID is Nuheara’s proprietary hearing personalization system embedded in IQbuds2 MAX. This easy-to-use feature allows you to measure and analyze your hearing thresholds for both ears in less than 10 minutes. The application then generates a personal Ear ID hearing profile, showing the relative strength or weakness of your hearing at various frequencies.

With Ear ID hearing app, you can personalize your listening experience at your own convenience. The process works as follows:

  1. Purchase IQbuds2 MAX and download the IQbuds app on an iOS or Android smartphone.
  2. Measure your hearing thresholds at different sound frequencies using Ear ID in the app in just 10 minutes or less (*average)
  3. Ear ID then automatically adjusts the settings of your Nuheara hearing buds using a clinically-validated NAL-NL2 self-fit formula.
  4. Try out MAX in different auditory environments (watching TV, socializing in a cafe or restaurant, during exercise, etc.) and use the World Volume, Focus, SINC, and World EQ settings in the application to further fine-tune your hearing settings.
  5. Contact [email protected] or visit https://support.nuheara.com/ with any additional product or technical questions.

Get Started with Ear ID

There are a number of easy-to-follow steps when beginning the Ear ID assessment. These steps are designed to ensure that:

  • the earbuds are corrected fitted in your ears
  • testing environment is sufficiently quiet
  • all components are working and the test is ready to begin

Successfully completing these steps enhances the accuracy of the Ear ID profile.

Assess Your Hearing Thresholds

For the hearing threshold assessment, simply tap the button on your screen based on when you hear a series of tones at various frequencies and volumes.

No other hearing bud system gives you the flexibility of self assessment and auto-calibration using the industry standard NAL-NL2 prescription formula – all out of the box.

The assessment can be re-taken to create a new Ear ID profile as many times as you like.

Relax & Listen

Once the new Ear ID profile has been created, relax, watch, and listen as the application transmits the data to your Nuheara hearing buds and automatically calibrates them to your personal hearing configuration.

The set up is easy and straightforward. Plus the difference these ear buds are going to make become immediately apparent as you go through. The results do exceed expectations.

– Paul Steele, The Bald Hiker


*This post was originally published in December of 2018 and has been updated with revised information and media applicable to the latest product releases from Nuheara.

September 30th, 2020