At the official media event for the world’s largest annual technology show, Nuheara’s IQbuds2 MAX took home 3 prestigious awards:

  • Wearables Innovation Award – 2020 honoree
  • Home Audio/Video Components & Accessories Innovation Award – 2020 honoree
  • Health & Wellness Innovation Award – 2020 honoree

For those wanting to be among the first to experience this award-winning and ground-breaking hearable technology, pre-ordering is now available for IQbuds² MAX.

Early Bird Pricing

Fans of earlier IQbuds, early adopters and anyone that wants to be the first to own the world’s most advanced hearing buds will get their IQbuds² MAX first as they will be shipped in the order that pre-orders were made.

From Sunday, January 5th through to January 23rd (extended to February 9th at 5pm Pacific Standard Time – GMT -0800), IQbuds² MAX is available for pre-order purchase at 20% off the regular retail price.

From Monday, February 10th through to February 29th, (now extended to 31st May) IQbuds² MAX is available for pre-order purchase at 10% off the regular retail price.

Delivery Schedule

All pre-orders will be delivered in the order received once we commence shipping. If you pre-ordered IQbuds² MAX before March 3rd, your product will commence shipping first. If you pre-ordered before the end of April your product will commence shipping next.

IQbuds2 MAX manufacturing and shipping has been impacted by COVID-19. The first impact the Coronavirus had was on our supply chains, causing disruption in getting components from manufacturers to the IQbuds2 MAX manufacturing facility. Then the Malaysian Government initiated a COVID-19 control order that stopped manufacturing on March 18th.  The Malaysian Government lifted some of the COVID-19 lockdown restrictions on April 14th and our manufacturer restarted the manufacturing process.

On May 25th we updated all pre-order customers to let them know that IQbuds2 MAX are coming off the production line and entering order fulfilment. COVID-19 has thrown up many challenges to get to this point. One of the biggest has been national border closures meaning Nuheara Technical staff were not able to be on-site at the Malaysian factory for production as would normally be the case. To ensure the highest quality standards, production samples had to be sent from the factory to our Headquarters in Perth for final quality sign off. This has taken longer than expected with logistical networks also experiencing COVID-19 associated delays.

All orders will be delivered in the order received. We continue to receive new orders for IQbuds2 MAX but new orders will not be shipped until we have finished shipping all our existing pre-orders. We will be fulfilling orders in batches. Please contact [email protected] for more information on when you can expect your IQbuds2 MAX to be shipped.

Orders received after 25th May are expected to commence shipping in July.

When is the new IQbuds² MAX App Available?

As planned, the IQbuds2 MAX App was available for download on the Apple Store or Google Play in March. If you are an existing IQbuds BOOST user you can use the new app with your product. We recommend you download the App so you are ready to go when you receive IQbuds2 MAX.

Android users:
iOS users:

Will IQbuds² MAX Work with My Phone?

Nuheara earbuds and the IQbuds smartphone application are designed to work with virtually any modern iOS or Android smartphone device. Ultimately, the device is not the determining factor for App support, it is only devices operating system (OS) version that matters. For iOS (Apple) devices, any device that supports iOS 10 and above will work. For Android devices, any device that supports Android 5 (Lollipop) and above will work. iPads are not officially supported in the current App version, but the app will still run on them.

Will it Fit my Ear?

IQbuds² MAX comes with 3 different sizes of silicone ear tips and 3 sizes of Comply Memory Foam ear tips. The range of shapes, materials, and sizes are designed to accommodate a very wide range of ear canals. However, in the rare event that you are unable to secure a proper fit with your earbuds, all Nuheara products are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee when you buy from the Nuheara online store.

Are they Safe to Use While Commuting/Walking/Cycling

Nuheara’s hybrid active noise cancellation combined with proprietary Speech in Noise Control (SINC) allows an almost infinite range of sound and noise control with presets for each situation. SINC is useful for hearing if someone is trying to talk to you while you’ve got your IQbuds² MAX in. Pedestrians, commuters, and cyclists can use SINC to simultaneously hear traffic noise or nearby conversations while listening to digital audio.

Will These Last a Long Time?

Many IQbuds and IQbuds BOOST purchased a year, two years, or even three years ago are still going strong today. However, in the unlikely event of a defective product, Nuheara customers are protected. All products purchased directly through the Nuheara online store (including pre-orders) are backed by a one year manufacturer’s warranty beginning from the date of shipment. Read the full replacement or refund policy and warranty information here.

The word is out about IQbuds² MAX, the world’s newest and most advanced hearable. If you want to be among the first with this ground-breaking technology and pitch-perfect sound, pre-order today!


This article is updated regularly to reflect changes in the pre-order schedule. It was last updated on 25.05.2020

April 30th, 2020