Many of those suffering from mild-to-moderate hearing loss don’t even realize just how much of the world’s sound around them they’re missing. Scott is a retired police sergeant who spent years riding loud motorcycles for the police department.

Until generating his Ear ID hearing profile with IQbuds BOOST, Scott didn’t realize the extent of his hearing loss (particularly in his left ear with higher frequencies.) After using his new hearing buds for several weeks, watch and hear him describe all the kinds of sounds he didn’t fully realize he’d been missing:

Check out the 1:23 mark of the video, as a hummingbird shoots through the background behind Scott, literally as he’s describing being able to hear birds in his backyard again!

We love hearing stories from real customers like Scott about how IQbuds BOOST and Nuheara’s smart hearing technologies are truly changing lives. Find the complete transcript of Scott’s story below:

My name is Scott. I am a retired police Sergeant. With all the firearms training we had, all the loud events that we had to go to, and for the several years that I rode as a motorcycle officer, I had some hearing loss. Especially my left ear particularly because my partner that I rode with on the motorcycles always rode on my left side. And that’s where the exhaust was.

Initially, I had no idea that I’d be looking for something that would give me my hearing back. So when I got these buds, it was amazing. It was not only an amazing sound in the buds, but I could actually hear when I had them set to the environment I was in.

I can hear those high pitch voices again. I don’t want to say super high pitch, but I can hear my girlfriend’s voice from across a room without any problem. We could go into a restaurant and I could hear her talking to me without having to lean in with my ear to try and understand what she was saying.

It was very easy to figure out how to set up the IQbuds BOOST. Especially to do the Ear ID. And after I had it done, I was surprised to see that I had some pretty significant high pitch hearing loss in my left ear, and some in my right as well. Which explains why when I come outside here to this beautiful backyard, that I can hear the hummingbirds zooming by me. I can hear them talking to each other. And when I don’t have them in, I can barely hear them at all.

There is another thing that I like to do. I play guitar. With the IQbuds BOOST, I can actually turn it in to home or office and hear the outside, and I can actually hear my guitar playing while I’m listening to the artist play on the video. Which has really, really helped me in trying to get the exact sound that I’m trying to look for. It’s been a lot of fun. I really enjoy them.

February 26th, 2019