wireless earbuds for gaming with built-in microphone

Nuheara’s IQbuds2 MAX offer a variety of innovative features unlike any other earbud. For gamers who want total audio control, Bluetooth connectivity, a built-in microphone and more, there is a lot to consider. Before choosing the next headset or earbuds for your gaming needs, take the following into consideration.

Built-in Microphone

Social interaction is a huge part of gaming, and an increasing number of games offer voice-activated controls as part of the in-game experience. As such, it’s critical to have a fully functional, built-in microphone included with any headset or wireless earbuds you’re considering.

With IQbuds2 MAX , there are three external microphones embedded in each earbud (2 in older IQbuds BOOST model) that enable communication with your gaming console of choice through the earbud.

Designed for making and taking phone calls in addition to processing and enhancing speech frequencies, Nuheara’s earbuds are an excellent choice for those searching for wireless earbuds for gaming with a microphone. Enjoy crystal clear communication through these one-of-a-kind wireless earbuds through a solid Bluetooth connection.

anatomy of wireless earbuds for gaming with mic

Noise Cancellation or Blended Sound

Many gaming headsets boast “noise cancellation” functionality so that gamers can have complete focus on their digital audio. However sometimes gamers also want to interact socially with others in the same room while playing.

With IQbuds2 MAX, it’s no longer simply a choice of one or the other. With Nuheara’s SINC (Super Intelligent Noise Control) technology, users have the ability to blend the levels of their digital audio with noise from the surrounding world. The tap touch commands on the earbuds are customizable so that gamers can instantly switch from ‘World On’ (surrounding sounds of the physical world passed through earbuds) to ‘World Off’ (outside mics turned off and only digital audio amplified through earbuds). IQbuds2 MAX also feature best-in-class active noise cancellation+ technology for total audio isolation from the outside world when desired.

The optional add on of IQstream TV in conjunction with Nuheara earbuds enables the use to not just hear the TV better, but to enjoy high-fidelity surround sound with independent volume control.

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Contrary to the stereotype that gamers are lazy, playing video games can be a very intense activity. Ask any serious gamer and they’ll be likely to tell you that comfort and sweat is real issue. There’s a reason why today there are niche markets for products such as “Gamer Goo” to reduce hand sweat and even specialized performance clothing for gamers.

Wearing a pair of lightweight, truly wireless earbuds is certainly more comfortable than a bulky, over-the-ear headset. With multiple different sizes of silicone and memory foam earbud tips packaged with every IQbuds2 MAX box, you can be sure to find a comfortable and secure fit.

Sound Quality & Voice Recognition

Sound quality is critical when it comes to choosing a headset or wireless earbuds for gaming. The ability to pick up on in-game sounds such as approaching footsteps or distant gunfire is necessary for the lightning-quick reflexes needed to be an elite gamer.

Using a High Fidelity Balanced Armature, IQbuds2 MAX anot only enhance real-word speech and sound, but also deliver extremely high quality digital audio. Check out the experience of gamer AnaisAndStuff while using IQbuds BOOST for live streaming on Twitch, activating voice recognition commands, and more.

Bluetooth Compatibility

Earbuds with Bluetooth compatibility offer the obvious benefit of being truly wireless, enhancing comfort and enabling far more portability than traditional wired headsets. Another key benefit is that Bluetooth connection with a PC eliminates the need for a specialized adapter.

Typically, gamers look for adapters to split their headphone cable into two. One cable for microphone use, and another for the headphones/speakers. The reason for this is because most PCs are unable to take both microphones and speakers from a single input, unlike smartphone headset jacks.

With IQbuds2 MAX,  a direct Bluetooth 5.0 connection entirely bypasses the hassle of wires or adapters.

Rechargeable, Long-Lasting Battery Life

Gamers often will play for long periods at a time, and nobody ever wants to stop mid-game for a re-charge or battery swap. Additionally, headsets that rely on disposable batteries are not only expensive over time, but also harmful to our environment.

With Bluetooth streaming, Nuheara IQbuds2 MAX offer up to 5 hours continuous use. With the three additional charges from the charging case you get 20 hours of on-the-go Bluetooth streaming. Nuheara earbuds come with a convenient carrying case that doubles as a charging case, which is powered by a USB cable. A 15-minute rapid charge will provide up to 1.5 hours of extra battery life.

In conclusion, there’s a lot to think about when choosing earbuds or a headset for gaming. If you need wireless earbuds for gaming with a mic that offer comfort, strong battery life, high quality audio, and total sound control, check out IQbuds2 MAX!

September 26th, 2019