external world volume control accesible via IQbuds app of tap touch controls

What is World Volume? Similar to the volume controls on your phone that turn up or down music, phone calls, podcasts and other digital audio, World Volume controls ambient noise and speech in your physical world. Using the IQbuds application on your Android or iOS device, you can easily dial up or down “World Volume” around you.

Imagine having a remote control to adjust the volume of your world up or down throughout the day. The sounds of birds chirping or the rustling of leaves could be amplified on a stroll through nature. Conversely, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to dial back the chaos and noise of shared working spaces, noisy streets and loud restaurants?

IQbuds2 MAX give you easy control over the noise of the world around you.

World Audio Control at Your Fingertips

Per the following animation, “N” stands for natural, meaning the volume of your environmental noise is transmitting through the earbuds at its normal level.

Moving the control to the left gradually reduces the sounds in the world around you, while moving the control to the right amplifies it.

Tapping the center icon will toggle world volume on or off entirely.

Tap Touch Convenience

Without having to grab your phone and open the IQbuds application, you can now toggle audio of the outside world “on” or “off” with a simple tap of your right earbud.

Per the following animation, the “Right Tap” control can be configured for either one of the following two options:

  • Toggle between “World On” (external world volume will default to last setting saved in application) and “World Off” (external world volume is reduced to lowest possible setting).
  • Turn “World On” and Pause Music/Digital Audio.
  • Per the following animation, the “Right Tap” control can be configured for either one of the following two options:

Beyond “World Volume” on and off, there’s a whole lot more that IQbuds2 MAX enable you to do. Below are just a few of the other features related to how you hear the world around you:


  • Use the “Focus” feature to hear speech from the person directly in front of you in noisy places
  • SINCTM controls allow you to adjust world audio to emphasize either ambient noise or speech
  • The World Volume Equalizer adjusts bass and treble, enabling you to enhance or reduce sounds coming from high or low frequencies

Customer Feedback ★★★★★

Hear more - or not!

January 6, 2019

“My new IQbuds boost have reawakened my hearing. I can hear the clicks of my computer mouse, the mild roar of the furnace fans, the quiet tap of rainfall. Or I can tap the Bud and turn off all the outside noises. They are amazing in their noise cancelling ability. In the car, the wind and tire noise is gone, making for a less stressful ride. Best thing to supplement a cell phone. ” – Michael F., United States.

I love the control!

DECEMBER 18, 2018

“Absolutely love the fact I can continue to tweak the different settings at will without taking the time and $ to go to an Audiologist! A solid product at a fair price! Well done.” – Craig A., United States

Wow. Hearing what I NEED to hear

DECEMBER 10, 2018

“The IQBuds Boost are exactly what I need. The Ear ID dialed in what I needed to maximize what I was hearing. At times I was hearing more than I wanted. No problem. Just dial “down” the amount of “world” allowed in. Listening to music is great because I could completely isolate the outside world to hear only music. Listening to downloaded movies while flying was great because of the airplane setting. These are amazing and I absolutely recommend them. ” – Georgia, United States

January 24th, 2019