It’s made things a lot easier. Life has become normal. My name is Gino. I’m a cafe owner in Vic Park.

After I sold my other three businesses, I thought, well, let’s start the Vic Park Larder with a bit of a European flair and feel to it. So here we are today.

I used to do a bit of scuba diving. I think my last dive I started getting infections within the ear canal. I haven’t been able to hear really well out of my left ear for quite some time.

Not having good hearing in a busy environment is difficult at the best of times. So I’m always having to turn my left ear to the customers. I can’t really focus on one particular conversation. It gets a little bit confusing.

I went and did some audiology tests. Started pricing up hearing aids. Between $8,000 and $12,000. Left me speechless.

Literally left me speechless.

There was an ad on Instagram. I started investigating it, and within five minutes, ordered a set. Really uncanny how they’ve really cut that background ambience right out. So if we’re busy, I’ll put it on Restaurant setting just to focus on the speech. That’s actually made the conversations a lot clearer.

I get to hear what my staff say to me now. They don’t have to yell at me as much as they used to. So that’s certainly made my staff’s day a lot easier as well.

I think if you are suffering hearing loss and don’t want to forego $10,000 to $12,000 on a set of hearing aids, and you want something that’s as good, ticks all the boxes for me. Absolutely.

November 12th, 2021