I’ve done a lot of screenings of our film probably at 25 different cinemas, and I just got this incredible sound out of these buds. My name is Leighton De Barros. I’m a cinematographer, producer, director, and a writer.

Sea Dog TV International is the name of our company. I’ve been in the TV industry for about 30 years. I did do a lot of freelancing work on Survivor for CBS America when it first started. But my passion is producing and making wildlife films for Discovery Channel, and the ABC, Nat Geo.

I think I first noticed my hearing loss 25 or 30 years ago when I did my dive course, and I did rupture one of my eardrums. Hearing in one particular ear is diminishing. And I think that also is a reason for a bit of tinnitus as well. There were some news stories about Nuheara being in Time Magazine as one of the most innovative products that came out that year. I thought, oh, they’re a Perth based company. That’s really wonderful.

And then I saw that some people were using it to almost help them mask or relieve the symptoms of their tinnitus. When I first put them on, they nearly blew me away. They do enhance your hearing, which is quite incredible. The way you can personalize them to your ears, there’s no other brand that does that for you. There’s also this track that I’ve found, which must be on some frequency because when I use it with the buds, it masks the tinnitus. This is the first feature film that we made released in cinemas. We’ve spent a lot of time mixing in a cinema here, and it’s the only pair of headphones or buds that give you that true sound especially when you have the low end rumbles of the whales blowing and all this sort of stuff.

I would transfer the film to my iPad and then I would spot check it, and the sound is amazing. It’s almost as if you’re in the studio here. And the active noise cancellation totally masks the outside noises.

Everybody is different. There’s so many functions to them that you can find something to suit you. I think they’re the best product I’ve ever had. They’re just wonderful.

November 12th, 2021