So here’s a new thing. This is a new development. They’re called IQbuds. What these things here do is allow you to mix your outside noise with your media noise. Life changing.

It’s like you’re at the gym, you don’t care about the noise around you, your surroundings. But then you’re dining out, you’re enhancing the conversation. But then you’re in the office, you want a little bit of both. You got the podcast or the music on. On both iPhone and Android, 16 hours of Bluetooth streaming battery life.

OK. Here we go. We’re in there. Whoa. I’m in the restaurant setting right now. Everything is so clear. I toggle this. Now I’m at Starbucks. I’m ordering. I hear everything.

Now I realize what the magic is. These things are for real. These things are for real, Tom.


I can’t hear anything he’s saying now. Watch me. I’m going go back to home. Yo. Oh. I’m alive again.

It’s the best of both. It’s isolation when you want it. It’s socialization when you need it.

They’re amazing. They’re amazing. These are so cool. This is so cool.

October 31st, 2019