Tom, you might have to try these out, bud.

So here’s a new thing. This is a new take. It’s a new development. They’re called IQbuds.

Oh, great, another pair of fully wireless earbuds– big deal. But no, no, no, no. What these things here do is allow you to mix your outside noise with your media noise.

Look at this little booklet it goes with– “Life Changing.” Plus this guy’s beard is not bad. He’s kind of got my whole thing going on there.

Advanced speech amplification noise control augmented hearing– it’s like you’re at the gym. You don’t care about the noise around you, your surroundings. But then you’re dining out. You’re advancing a conversation.

This happened to us the other night. We were at that bar over there– the music.


But then you’re in the office. You want a little bit of both. You’ve got the podcast or the music on. Then your colleague over here– that’s a colleague. He wants to talk to you, and you can’t hear anything because you’re shut off from the world.

It’s an easy to use app on both iPhone and Android. 16 hours of Bluetooth streaming battery life. All right, so we have a cool little carrying case here, a bunch of different tips, ear tips so you get the right fit. Each of these has these contact points that will match up with–


The microphone is on already. Listen to this.


That’s crazy. It’s like your very first hearing aid. We’ll go with round large to start. If you’re Jack, you’re out of luck. What would you need, quadruple XL for those babies over there?

Here we go. We’re in there. Press and hold for five seconds until you hear pairing.

Oh, I got the pairing. There we go– IQbuds. Whoa. I’m in the restaurant setting right now. Everything is so clear and amplified. Tom, say something.

Oh, you’re amplified right now. I can hear the room noise too. I toggle this.

Now I’m at Starbucks. I’m ordering. I hear everything. Tom, get over here. Just speak to me a little bit.

Can’t you hear me without those though?

No. Speak to me. Tom?

That’s creepy.


You are so clear right now.

Take them off and see if–


You’re reading at the table, let’s say, or, you’re working on your laptop and you have those in.


Isn’t that kind of intrusive?

Yeah, so you turn– you toggle it. So you mix your surroundings with the music you’re listening to. What if someone’s about to hit you with their car, they’re honking, and you’re lost in your podcast while you’re biking?

OK, I get that. I don’t get it at restaurants. I don’t get it in like–

At restaurants, it’s just a hearing. I’m enjoying this conversation with these on more than if it was just natural. I don’t think I’ve ever shared this many words with you before.


OK. I’m going to switch to driving. Here we go. Oh.

Same thing?

Way different. Wow. I kind of like driving. OK, I’m going to switch to home. Ooh.

You’re doing chores around the house. You’re listening to your music. The baby’s in the crib screaming away. What if you’re waiting for your pizza to be delivered, but you want to get lost in your tunes? You’re not going to hear that doorbell.

No, I–

Look at what I’m doing right now, Tom. I’m hitting you with the science.

You presented it originally as a Starbucks example. Dude, look, they think put it in their pamphlet, man.

Yeah, that’s stupid. The examples you’re coming up with are good though. I agree with those.

I’m the guy.


I’m the guy. You could set up your favorite locations. There’s workout, street, office, plane, music.

Office is good.

Office is good.

That’s really good. If you’re in a classroom– high school.

Whoooooooa. You’re in high school. You don’t want to pay attention to all that. You don’t want that. What I’m going to do is start a little bit of music and see how this goes, if I can still maintain.

The most amazing part here is I can hear my own voice. Now, if I go to music, it’s going to completely close off– just straight up music. Check, check, one, two. Oh, my– oh, my– it’s terrible. Now my voice is muffled. It’s like normal headphones now.

And now I realize what the magic is. These things are for real. These things are for real, Tom. I can’t hear anything he’s saying now.

Watch me. I’m going go back to home.


Oh, I’m alive again. It’s the best of both. It’s isolation when you want it. It’s socialization when you need it.

You can go a step further where you can actually mix it yourself. Now it’s gross again, and then I come back up, and there’s maximum amplification. Oh, my– oh, my god.


You want to try them out?


Restaurant, let’s say, OK?

Oh, wow.


That’s weird.


Oh, man.

That’s right. That’s magical, man.

That’s weird.

So now, I’m going to turn it. I’m going to take you just to music. Now say something.

Oh, man.

Yeah, it sucks. It’s terrible without it.

It’s terrible.

You’re sitting at home. It’s like late or something, right? And everyone else is asleep.

And you have your headphones on, but you’re isolated, and you feel like you heard something. And you’re like– you have that moment of like somebody standing behind. Or you get startled, because someone actually is.

Yeah. Wow.

They’re amazing. They’re amazing. These are so cool. This is so cool.

These are cool.

It’s cool. Tom never says that. Tom never says that. IQbuds– nothing ever blows my mind, and certainly Tom, never.

Keep in mind, they sound good his headphones too, but this is the feature it’s all about. This is the dream come true. This is a moment right now.

It’s a moment in human history. I mean, they walked on the moon, and then this happened. Christopher Columbus, now this.

And this.

May 31st, 2019