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Roughly 11 years ago, on January 9th, 2007, the late Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone to a live audience at San Francisco’s Moscone Center. Despite many positive initial reviews, few predicted the global impact this device would have. Today the iPhone is a cultural icon. An article by Consumer Reports last January summarized the phenomenon aptly:

“Ten years after that presentation, more than a billion units have been sold, a generation of app developers has emerged to fill the App Store, and the iPhone has become a cornerstone product of one of the most valuable companies in the world.”

Suffice it to say, a generation of technology users has grown up with the iPhone, not to mention MacBooks and a slew of Apple-made devices. Unsurprisingly, their brand commands a strong loyalty with many consumers.

Which brings us to Apple’s much-ballyhooed decision to do away with the headphone jack with the debut of their iPhone 7. This development drove significant momentum into the wireless earbuds market and spurred new interest in the emerging hearables marketplace.

After Apple uncharacteristically delayed the launch, AirPods made their debut in December of 2016. As most expected, AirPods are a well-engineered product. They offer solid sound quality, strong battery life, limited tap-touch functionality, and a truly wireless experience. However, in an era of augmented reality, the IoT (Intelligence of Things), home automation, voice recognition, and so much more, AirPods simply fall short on delivering the full potential of hearable technology.

IQbudsTM as a Smarter AirPods Alternative

This new era of smart devices is changing consumer expectations  of what they require from wearable products. Just as a smart watch is required to do so much more than just tell the time, hearables are now expected to do so much more than just play music and enable phone calls.

An idea of an in-ear computer nicely encapsulates the power of what IQbudsTM offer to users. By enabling the wearer to orchestrate the soundtrack of their physical world, some reviewers of IQbudsTM have reported feeling like they have superpower hearing while wearing the buds. Furthermore, the ability to listen to high-fidelity digital programming, with a customized blend of audio from the outside world, enhances situational awareness and the enjoyment of activities ranging from skiing to cycling to air travel and even working.

With on-going firmware updates adding new functionality to IQbudsTM on a regular basis, the product continuously improves and brings new value to the consumer. Consider the recent addition of customizable tap-touch controls for the left and right earbuds, an industry first.

And although “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” as they say, which device would you feel more comfortable with in public?

What the Press is Saying

Many in the press have recognized the truly break-through technology that IQbudsTM brings to the hearables market and why IQbudsTM are in a league of their own. Many have come to the conclusion that while Airpods are great, IQbudsTM are simply just more intelligent.

Gizmodo AU

“Think of Apple’s AirPods, but on steroids.”


“IQbudsTM offer just about everything AirPods do and more.”

iPhone Life Magazine

“IQbudsTM are wireless Bluetooth earbuds that deliver high fidelity audio, but Nuheara go further than Apple does.”


“If you’re craving optimal wireless sound, the Nuheara IQbudsTM are a good fit.”

Cult of Mac

“These smart wireless earbuds make AirPods look dumb”

IQbudsTM vs. AirPods

While AirPods offer a great solution for music listening and making phone calls, the purpose here is to illustrate just how much more IQbudsTM offer in a truly wireless experience. Based on the table of features below, IQbudsTM simply are the smartest AirPods alternative for those looking to fully optimize their auditory experience:

Truly wireless Yes Yes
High fidelity audio Yes Yes
Pair to multiple devices Yes Yes
Battery percentage on screen Yes Yes
Tap to access personal assistant Yes Yes
5 hours of listening time Yes Yes
Carrying case doubles as charger Yes Yes
Can use for phone calls Yes Yes
Regular firmware updates Yes Yes
Tap touch controls No Yes
Tap touch customization No Yes
Speech In Noise Control (SINC™) No Yes
Elevate speech in noisy environments No Yes
“World on/off” noise control No Yes
Augmented hearing No Yes
EQ environmental frequency control No Yes
Adjust individual ear hearing amplification No Yes
Easy to use app No Yes
Sleek in-ear industrial design No Yes
Fully compatible with Android devices No Yes
Multiple tips for best fit No Yes
Location hearing presets for Restaurant, Home, Work, Street, Plane, Driving and Workout No Yes

The Final Verdict

For many Apple users upgrading to a new iPhone, AirPods are an obvious choice when faced with the dilemma of no headphone jack. However, just as Apple’s iPhone brought a computer into every pocket a decade ago, IQbudsTM have the ability to put a computer in every ear.

With the litany of advanced features offered in IQbudsTM, discover why Mashable described IQbudsTM as, “a set of ‘true’ wireless buds with solid sound, touch controls, massive battery life, and augmented hearing features that put them in a class above just about anything else I’ve ever put in my ears.”

Furthermore, when it comes to the Top Tech Products for 2018, Mashable went even further by placing IQbudsTM in the top ten of 2017, up there with iPhone X, and the only hearable on their list.

Real Consumer Reviews

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January 5th, 2018