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The idea of the open workspace environment dates back to 1950’s Germany. Two brothers, Eberhard and Wolfang Schnelle, envisioned an open office space “without any partitions, furnished unobtrusively and decorated with green plants to foster communication within the company.” In 1968, designer Robert Propst invented the modern cubicle, and the open office phenomenon took off over the next several decades.

<!– Open office floor plans offer a number of benefits to businesses that adopt them. They include increased cost-effectiveness, greater opportunities for collaboration, and enhanced natural lighting. Additionally, some suggest a greater sense of equality as there are no “upper-level individuals and bosses cordoned away in their grand and intimidating office(s).” –>

Today an increasing percentage of studies push back against the open office concept. A 2014 article in The New Yorker highlighted a litany of studies showing the psychological impact of open offices. Study participants showed decreased motivation, feelings of helplessness, a loss of privacy, and other issues in open work environments. Yet the biggest killer of productivity in open offices appears to be a physical rather than psychological factor. Unsurprisingly, noise is a major issue:

“In laboratory settings, noise has been repeatedly tied to reduced cognitive performance. The psychologist Nick Perham, who studies the effect of sound on how we think, has found that office commotion impairs workers’ ability to recall information, and even to do basic arithmetic.”

IQbuds: The Earbuds for Work You’ve Been Waiting For

Many workers use noise-cancelling headphones to combat office noise. While effective, blocking all audio from the outside world can also be problematic.

Try asking a question to a co-worker wearing noise-cancelling headphones. In most cases, actual physical contact (tap on the shoulder, etc.) is required to get their attention.

In addition to being intrusive and potentially startling, having to physically contact co-workers to communicate severely inhibits office collaboration – the very collaboration that is an intended benefit of open offices to begin with.

Herein lies the reason why IQbudsTM are truly the best earphones for work spaces. Nuheara’s Super Intelligent Noise Control (SINC™) technology empowers employees to actively control the audio of their office surroundings. Through IQbudsTM, office workers have the ability to do all of the following through two truly wireless earbuds:

  • Turn up or down the volume of the “real world” audio in their office environment
  • Blend the audio from digital sources (podcasts, music, etc) with surrounding office noise
  • Selectively balance surrounding office noise frequencies between “world” (ambient noise) and speech
  • Balance the levels of bass and treble from the sounds coming from the office environment
  • Make and receive phone calls via a simple, customizable tap touch
  • Activate Siri or Google now via the tap touch controls

As Unbox Therapy surmised in their highly entertaining YouTube review of IQbuds:

It’s isolation when you want it, socialization when you need it.

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Improve Mood and Enhance Work Productivity with IQbuds

Even for those who do not suffer from any sort of auditory processing disorder, noise pollution at work is an issue. Consequently, the very benefits once associated with open office environments are no longer valid. Collaboration sputters as employees turn to noise-blocking headphones to eliminate distraction. Productivity declines as the constant noise and psychological impact of open offices negatively impact average employee performance.

Despite the aforementioned failure of open office environments, don’t expect them to go away anytime soon. Roughly “70 percent of U.S. offices have no or low partitions,” according to the International Facility Management Association.

In conclusion, IQbudsTM are uniquely qualified to improve employee morale while also enhancing worker productivity, especially in open work space environments. To learn more about the best earbuds for work, or to shop online, visit: https://shop.nuheara.com/products/iqbuds

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