With IQcare™ you have virtual access to Nuheara’s team of hearing product specialists

Kat Penno, Nuheara’s Director of Hearing Health talks about IQcare™ and why it’s an important part of Nuheara’s hearing solution.

At Nuheara, we recognize that better hearing health requires a multi-dimensional approach.

It starts with the award winning IQbuds2 MAX hearing bud with advanced hearing customisation and best in class sound fidelity.

Embedded in the IQbuds app is Ear ID™, a clinically-validated hearing assessment that automatically tunes the buds to your personal hearing profile.

Now with IQcare™, you also have access to Nuheara’s team of hearing product specialists.


IQbuds2 MAX

An award-winning hearing bud with advanced hearing enhancement and best in class sound fidelity including Active Noise Cancellation.



A clinically validated hearing assessment that tunes IQbuds2 MAX to your personal hearing profile using industry standard NAL-NL2 formula’s. Ear ID™ is embedded in the IQbuds app.



Virtual access to our team of hearing product specialists.

  1. Give you convenience when accessing hearing health, especially at the beginning of your hearing health journey.
  2. Deliver a personalised hearing health solution that’s accessible and affordable.

Contact IQcare™

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Who We Help With IQcare™

  • Purchasers of Nuheara products
  • Residents in remote or rural areas
  • Remote workers and FIFO workers
  • Anyone considering buying our products
  • People who are living with restricted mobility
  • Consumers who want to access hearing health in the convenience of their own space
  • Anyone who doesn’t have the time to visit a hearing clinic, find parking or sit in a clinics waiting room
  • Holders of a valid pension card (Australia only)
  • People who can access the NDIS (Australia only)

IQcare™ gives you access to advice and assistance from trained hearing product specialists lead by a clinical audiologist.

Current or Future Nuheara Customers

If you have purchased Nuheara products or you are considering purchasing a Nuheara product, you have access to the IQcare™ hearing product specialist team who will help answer your questions.

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People With Limited Time

Modern life can be hectic at the best of times and we don’t have as much time as we would like. For people in this situation visiting a clinic, finding parking or sitting in a clinical waiting room can be both stressful and time consuming.

IQcare™ gives you the option to have a consultation with an hearing product specialist, at a time that suits you.

Remote & FIFO Workers

Managing your time as a remote or FIFO worker can be challenging at best.

Even if you can get an audiologist appointment when you’re back at home, there are lots of things that you’d rather be doing than driving to an office and sitting around in a waiting room.

With IQcare™, you can book a hearing product session while you’re away at work and take a first step in your hearing health without cutting into your valuable at-home recreation time.

People Living In Rural Or Remote Regions

Accessing health services, such as attending an audiology appointment, is always a challenge for those that live don’t live in or near major metropolitan centers.

But we believe you shouldn’t have to drive hundreds of kilometres for something as important as your hearing health.

By enabling you to access a hearing product specialist in your own home, IQcare™ helps you overcome the tyranny of distance in a simple, easily accessible and cost-effective way.

People Living With Restricted Mobility

We understand that for those living with restricted mobility, attending an in-person appointment with an audiologist can represent significant challenges and/or discomfort.

We also understand that this can lead to people neglecting their hearing health.

With IQcare™, we aim to remove some of those barriers and use state-of-the-art teleconference and communications service to make it easier for people to access a hearing product specialist at their convenience.

People With a Valid Pension Card

If you hold a valid Australian pension card you may be eligible to access the Hearing Services Program (HSP). This program provides eligible participants with access to government approved service providers and approved devices. Some IQcare™ services and products may be covered by this program.

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