Say What? Understanding High Frequency Hearing Loss

Challenges hearing specific sounds? Perhaps you hear the newsman's voice on TV, yet struggle to hear birds chirping. Learn about high frequency hearing loss

Nuheara invited to present to CHPA Annual Executive Conference

Nuheara is pleased to announce that Justin Miller, CEO, Nuheara, has been invited to present at the Consumer Healthcare Products Association's (CHPA) annual conference.

Cheers to Better Hearing at Pubs and Restaurants

On your next trip to a busy pub or restaurant, try IQbuds BOOST and toast your glass to better hearing in noisy environments. Enjoy the loud places you love once more.

Happy World Hearing Day from Nuheara

March 3rd  is World Hearing Day. World Hearing Day is held by the World Health Organization on this day every year to raise awareness of how to prevent deafness and hearing loss and promote ear and hearing care across the world. To…
iqbuds boost and bose hearphones side-by-side
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IQbuds BOOST vs. BOSE Hearphones

A look at two innovative devices for enhanced hearing A recent article by WebMD provides a good synopsis of the motivating factors behind the pending, FDA-regulated category for over-the-counter hearing aids. While…

Customer Spotlight: Retired Police Sergeant Hears Better

Many of those suffering from mild-to-moderate hearing loss don't even realize just how much of the world's sound around them they're missing. Scott is a retired police sergeant who spent years riding loud motorcycles for the police department. Until…
external world volume control accesible via IQbuds app of tap touch controls
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Turn Up, Turn Down or Turn Off World Noise

World Volume controls ambient noise and speech in the physical world. With IQbuds and IQbuds BOOST, you can easily dial up or down "World Volume" around you.

CES 2019 - It's a Wrap!

As our team heads back to our respective offices around the globe, it's a great opportunity to step back, take a deep breath and reflect on what was another very successful week at CES. Thanks to all who stopped by, and to all who made C.E.S 2019 possible!

Nuheara Continues to Make an Impact at CES2019

Nuheara continues to make an impact at CES-2019. At the end of day three Nuheara continued to entertain hundreds of attendees to its booth, gained more global press coverage and was found presenting on stage in front of 500+ press and tech enthusiasts at The Gadget Standing finalist pitch event.