external world volume control accesible via IQbuds app of tap touch controls
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Turn Up, Turn Down or Turn Off World Noise

World Volume controls ambient noise and speech in the physical world. With IQbuds and IQbuds BOOST, you can easily dial up or down "World Volume" around you.

CES 2019 - It's a Wrap!

As our team heads back to our respective offices around the globe, it's a great opportunity to step back, take a deep breath and reflect on what was another very successful week at CES. Thanks to all who stopped by, and to all who made C.E.S 2019 possible!

Nuheara Continues to Make an Impact at CES2019

Nuheara continues to make an impact at CES-2019. At the end of day three Nuheara continued to entertain hundreds of attendees to its booth, gained more global press coverage and was found presenting on stage in front of 500+ press and tech enthusiasts at The Gadget Standing finalist pitch event.

Nuheara fortifies customer hearing journey with IQconnect

Nuheara fortifies customer hearing journey with IQconnect, the newest Point of Sale hearing screening kiosk in retail stores, and comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. IQconnect combines the complete customer…

Nuheara revolutionises hearing health with world first self service app store

Nuheara launches world’s first subscription based hearing services app, IQstore™, creating one-stop app shop for hearing healthcare. • Fortifies Nuheara’s global market position as leader in hearing healthcare for mild to moderate…

Nuheara unveils ground-breaking IQbuds MAX™ at CES 2019

Nuheara cements itself as a global leader in accessible and affordable smart personal hearing devices with launch of IQbuds MAX™. IQbuds Max™ is the most technologically advanced and powerful hearing product that Nuheara has ever…

Fantastic News & Unveilings from Day One of CES2019

As the doors of the Sands Expo Hall opened to the public at 10am yesterday, the Nuheara booth was again buzzing with activity. Visitors to the booth expressed tremendous excitement over the story of how Nuheara is revolutionizing the hearing health industry with new products, new accessories, new ways to engage consumers and our retail partners.

Six Trends That Will Impact Hearing Healthcare

New technology trends are having a huge impact on hearing healthcare, offering consumers more ability to take control of their hearing health at earlier stages of hearing loss. Nuheara is at the forefront of developing such innovative hearing devices and technology.

The Magic of Ear ID Self Assessment

Ear ID is Nuheara’s proprietary hearing personalization system embedded in IQbuds™ BOOST. This easy-to-use features allows you to measure and analyze your hearing thresholds for both ears in less than 10 minutes.