Apple Approves IQbuds™ App For Release On App Store

PERTH, Western Australia – Nuheara Limited (Company), Australia’s only ASX listed consumer wearables technology company, is pleased to announce that after submission and review, it has now received approval from Apple for the IQbuds™ App to be released on the App Store.

The IQbuds™ App is the final major technical component to be developed and completed for the IQbuds™.  The App provides a simple and intuitive user interface that controls the IQbuds™ hardware (earbuds and charging case) and the IQbuds™ firmware (Nuheara’s intelligent proprietary software running within the earbuds). The approval of the Android version of the IQbuds™ App is pending.

screenshots of apple app store approved app for IQbuds

Figure 1: Screen shots of the approved IQbuds™ App for customer release

Commenting on the Apple approval, Nuheara CEO Justin Miller said;

“The team has worked really hard to complete this critical development piece in a very technical and complex IQbuds™ puzzle. The IQbuds™ App is designed to provide the user with an easy-to-manage interface to the IQbuds™ powerful and game changing assistive audio features.  From controlling the level of background sound relative to a conversation, to the blending or augmentation of music with your surroundings, this is a world first consumer headset experience, where personalized audio control now sits in the palm of the users’ hands.”

IQbuds™ now provide 4 ways to control how a user can hear the environment around them:

  1. A user can choose from a range of optimized hearing experiences for different locations and situations.
  2. A user can dynamically control the level of noise cancellation.
  3. A user can dynamically control the level of speech amplification (SINC™).
  4. A user can customize the EQ frequency range of the environment.

IQuds™ also provide 3 ways to for a user to personalize their listening profile:

  1. A user can adjust the left and right ear to hear independently.
  2. A user can adjust the volume in each ear to fit their own personal experience.
  3. A user can select their preferred personal listening profile from five default settings.

“In a feature unique to IQbuds™, once the user creates their personalized listening settings on the App, they can then simply tap touch the IQbuds™ on the ear to control music, phone calls, switching of preferred location hearing profiles (e.g. restaurant, office, street) and the interaction with voice activation software such as Siri and Google Now. This allows the user to retain control of most audio and communication situations without removing their phone from a pocket or bag,” said Mr. Miller.

IQbuds with case alongside iPhone with Apple-approved app on screen


Justin Miller
CEO and Managing Director
+61 8 6555 9999

David Cannington
Executive Director & V.P. of Sales & Marketing

About Nuheara
Nuheara is an innovative audio Wearables company. It has developed proprietary hardware and software to deliver multi-functional intelligent hearing technology that augments a user’s hearing and facilitates cable free connection to smart devices. With Nuheara’s IQbuds™, consumers are able to augment their hearing according to their personal hearing preferences and connect hands free with their voice enabled smart devices. Nuheara’s mission is to improve people’s lives by allowing them to seamlessly listen, communicate and connect to their physical and digital world. Learn more about Nuheara: www.nuheara.com.

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