These put you back into the conversation with people. And that’s our life. We’re communicating all the time. So I think you’d be crazy to look at something exorbitant before trying IQbuds MAX.

My name’s David Sargent. I am an English teacher in a local senior high school. I noticed the hearing loss around about six or seven years ago. I’d be telling my students at the beginning of the year that they need to be a little more sensitive to the fact that I’m not hearing that well.

I find watching television with my wife has been difficult because she would like to turn the sound down, and I need it up. I went to my doctor. He suggested I go and see a local audiologist. And they began to show me brochures for hearing aids. I started to Google for alternatives, and that’s when I found Nuheara.

One thing I did read was the ethics of the company. That they wanted to make something that would advance people’s hearing without the exorbitant cost. And that appealed to me. I like that ethic.

The IQbuds MAX were just perfect. If this is what I’m supposed to be hearing, I really have been suffering for some time. I’ve used them in the classroom. I haven’t had to ask students to repeat themselves, and I’ve been able to pick up on perhaps the conversations students have that they shouldn’t be having. Some of them have been quite surprised. Wow, those do really work, don’t they?

In these days of COVID, we have had to work online. The noise-canceling feature is fantastic because I can block out whatever’s happening at home. I’ve used the Focus. That’s been very useful where you’re talking to one person and there are other conversations happening around.

The lovely thing about the IQbuds MAX is that it’s put me back into the conversation. And our life is story. Our life is language. And once we’re disconnected from that, life’s not as meaningful.

These are brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

November 19th, 2021
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