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It’s not just the best-of-class battery life or the sleek industrial design. It’s how our customers are using IQbuds to improve the quality of their lives – from reducing fatigue while they’re traveling to enabling conversations in noisy restuarants to ensuring they’re safe while riding their bike down the street. Not to mention the awesome sound fidelity. No wonder the press and our valued customers are blown away.

Reviews and accolades are rolling in, as journalists and everyday consumers discover the amazing capabilities of IQbuds and hearable technology.

Below are some samplings of recent coverage and mentions of Nuheara this Spring, as IQbuds step forward from being an early adopter curiosity to a leader in assistive audio technology.

The Australian
Review: Hey buds, latest Bluetooth devices music to your ears

“I love the IQbuds and they’ve become my new go-to, especially around the office.”

ABC Radio National
Is this a new way for the noise sensitive to control their sound environment?

“What if you could use headphones to re-shape noise… in a way that makes it easier for your ears and brain to process?”

The Best Hearables in 2017 – Smart Wireless Earbuds Review

“This hearable took CES 2017 by storm, impressing everyone who dared try it out”

Wearables from CES 2017 you’ll actually use in the office

“Nuheara IQbuds can help you hold a conversation without missing anything.”

Geelong Business News
Australian Ear Tech Rules

“The sound quality is simply outstanding.”

SiriusXM CanadaTalks
The Feed with Amber Mac & Michael B

“Hearables are becoming one of the most popular type of (wearable) products”

And of course, we love to see reactions and feedback on social media as our growing base of customers get the experience of trying their IQbuds for the 1st time:

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