For many runners, it’s hard to imagine a workout without music. Music provides companionship and motivation to help keep trainings on track.

IQbuds offer a comprehensive set of unique and innovative features every runner can appreciate.

Whether it’s best-in-class battery life, tap-touch control customization, excellent sound quality, or situational awareness through augmented hearing, these earbuds deliver a complete package.

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Team Nuheara at the Melbourne Marathon

In a true his company’s product, Nuheara CEO and co-founder Justin Miller ran the Melbourne Marathon along with five of his hockey teammates. Over the course of the 42.2km (26.2 mile) journey, IQbuds kept the whole team smiling:

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Prior to the race, Justin stated via the Nuheara Facebook page:

“None of us “40 something” year-olds are even close to resembling marathon runners. So, we will all truly enjoy the companionship of each other and our IQbuds. It’s times like this when you really need your music to keep you pumped and that 5 hours of battery life sure will help.”

Surely managing his pace to test the battery life limits of his IQbuds (a test they passed with flying colors!), Justin finished in a time of 4:56:21. Crossing the finish line in the Melbourne Cricket Ground, he was thrilled to complete the race and grateful for the companionship of his IQbuds.

Why IQbuds Are the Best Earbuds for Running

It is not one single feature that makes IQbuds the best choice for runners. It’s the combination of features that allow the wearer to have total control over their audio environment. Consider all of the following.

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[av_toggle title=’Truly Wireless Form‘ tags=” av_uid=’av-d377ej’]
Many so-called “wireless earbuds” still have cords running between the left and right earphone. IQbuds offer a completely wireless experience.
[av_toggle title=’Great Quality Sound‘ tags=” av_uid=’av-agvabf’]
IQbuds use a high performance, wide band balanced armature driver. The frequency response and linearity is excellent and the acoustic design means fantastic sound. Featuring a vented driver, the earbuds deliver excellent, smooth bass – more so than on other balanced armature products.
[av_toggle title=’Augmented Hearing‘ tags=” av_uid=’av-8phh97’]
IQbuds bring augmented hearing to reality, enabling runners to control the soundtrack of their digital and physical worlds. Pre-set hearing environments can be tailored to blend music with sounds from the outside world. While running, this is particularly useful in order to maintain a degree of situational awareness with respect to traffic and other potential hazards. Alternatively, this feature enables conversation with fellow runners while simultaneous listening to music on a digital device.
[av_toggle title=’Custom Tap-Touch Control‘ tags=” av_uid=’av-7xj6ej’]
Configure IQbuds to play/pause music, activate Siri, or change noise environments to your personal preference. Customize six different basic tap touch control commands between the left and right earbuds.
[av_toggle title=’Battery Life‘ tags=” av_uid=’av-6fe8d7′]
Originally boasting 4 hours of battery life on a single charge while playing music, IQbuds now run over 5 hours on a single charge following the last firmware update. For the winner of the Melbourne Marathon (Issac Birir in a time of 2:14:08), that’s enough battery to run two full marathons and then some!
[av_toggle title=’Secure Fit‘ tags=” av_uid=’av-4qwt0r’]
8 pairs of round and oval-shaped silicone tips come included in every IQbuds package. This variety ensures an optimal earbud fit for the vast majority of ear shapes and sizes. A good fit is necessary to ensure the earbuds stay in place throughout the duration of a run. Furthermore, a complete seal of the ear canal enables the highest sound quality and deepest bass.
[av_toggle title=’Voice-Activated Control‘ tags=” av_uid=’av-262onv’]
Nobody likes fumbling for a phone while running. With a single tap-touch, IQbuds activate Siri or Google Assistant. Through voice-activate commands, runners then initiate phone calls, interface with running applications and heart-rate monitors, request directions, and much more. Hearables such as IQbuds highlight the future of voice recognition, as a runners can now perform a variety of tasks without interrupting their workout.


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October 24th, 2017